I Want You

3년 전

Today,the night was full of Stars and moonlight,
And the lights of stars were penetrating through
The glass Windows of my room,
The passing lights tends to vanish the curtains of the Window and make an image of a girl of 5'7,
I was sleepy and that image is mesmerising me more,
But,I'm awake now,
At first,I thought that it's a fairy or some kinda magic,
But after a continuous gaze of 5 minutes,
I'm sure that 'tis you,
And if this is you,
I want you,
I want you to look to look at your right,
Yep,2 feets away from you,
Can you see a broken glass vase at that corner?
If you can,then,I wanna tell you that this broken vase,
Keeps remembering me about the broken promises of yours,
Now,look 10 feets away from it at the angle of 90 degrees,
Can you see the trunk at the corner?
Do you know what's inside it?
Let me tell you what is inside it.
There's a box in this trunk containing 728 letters,
Of the game we used to play,"One Day One Letter"
Do you remember,once you said that you don't know how time flies when you are with me..
And now I can't make an assumption that how your time flies and mine don't even move,
Uhhh!leave it.I don't wanna make myself sad talking about the past,
Now,look at the third corner,
Can you see the dust out there?,
It remembers me of some of my uncleared doubts,
That,why you left me when you said you love me?,
Now look at 4 feets up in the second shelf of the 4th corner,
Can you see the picture of us on the shelf,
Captured on 6th july 2k17,
When you and me both were sharing an ice-cream,
& suddenly,that fallen down on my denims,
I don't know how funny it seemed to you,
But,I started laughing at those unconditional laughs of your's,
And at that particular moment one of my friend captured our picture,"The Most Beautiful Memory I've Ever Had."
But,now when I see it again,
It breaks my heart every single time,
Because you're not with me now,
I want you,
I want you to give me my heart back,
Because,at this particular moment of my life,
I don't like it when you love someone else with my heart,
So give it back to me,
Do this one last favour for the one last time.....

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