STACH Authors of the Week, #26.

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STACH is a Steem Hotspot in Port Harcourt Nigeria, West Africa.
The Hub was created to help young Nigerians have a place they can identify with in terms of exploring and also discovering their creative genes which has been buried given the conventional education provided by the State.
The Hub is bridging the gap between the people and the internet of things.

Today's post is to Highlight selected articles posted by @stach members for week ending 04/25/2018.

A girl came to me complaining that her boyfriend is not being romantic and doesn't even like coming close to her at all ''we barely see: we mostly talk on phone'' She exclaimed! Then, i asked her when this issue started. She said since the onset of their relationship.

Stuttering which is also called stammering, and by a further or broader term, disfluent simply a communication disorder which brings about a broken flow of speech by repetitions, prolongations or an abnormal stoppage of syllables and sounds.

Never say what you don't mean
Words themselves are simply tools. They carry no power inherently, but the messages and knowledge which can be conveyed using them are powerful

“Stach Wina’s Weekly PES Competition”
Hello everyone @winarobert here with the announcement for the “Stach Wina’s Weekly PES Competition”.
The competition failed to kick off last week due to one or two logistical problems. We have all that settled now, so we kick off this Saturday.

Enough is Enough :End Malaria
Oh! Our children, our young ones, our elderly.
The enemy attacks slowly and sharply in the night, because we let our guards down.
Well hear me and hear me people, it's high time we stood our ground and defeat this enemy once and for all.

THE MINNOW SCHOOL | The world will only reward you for what they think you are worth
In a highly competitive world, where there are 10,000 other guys who do just exactly what you do, there is need to constantly improve your skill set and update the quality of your value in the face of this world.

Ask! Ask! Ask!
Entrepreneurs and business men need feedback to improve services and satisfy customers, teachers ask questions to know if a student really understands the class, smart investors ask questions before throwing in money into a project and the list goes on.

Live Your Dream
Of course they have been celebrated for living their dreams; their lives brought about genuine and desirable changes that mankind craved, and greatly served as a catalyst for modern day growth and development of civilizations the world over.

The Empire Of Benin
Benin had been a city of great importance since at least the beginning of the fifteenth century. It became the centre of great kingdom and later a large empire which stretched from lower Niger in the east, to the frontiers of modern Dahomey in the west...

MMM and other prophets (ponzi schemes) seem to have attracted multitude of believers who sacrificed their livelihood into the ministry only to leave them devastated. This had made many people sceptical of any movement that promises so much benefits. But STEEMIT is different, unique and legit!

I am Sorry
"I AM SORRY", a short but mighty sentence! If you wish to live long, don't joke with this short sentence, "I am sorry". Do you know how many people who had gone to an early grave and many more that missed out...

I prayed while watching attempts
made to resuscitate her.
Impatient leaders held out pens
Prodding me to sign the necessary papers

The president was specific in his statement. He said those who didn't go to school but still believe things could come their way freely, and I don't belong in that category of people because I've been to school and don't believe that things come free of charge.


STACH is a physical Accelerator Hub dedicated to decentralizing the offline by breaking the barriers to accessing the internet like light, internet and conducive working space.

Steem Accelerator Hub... decentralizing the offline!
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