Whom Should we Post for ? Steemit Or Ourselves..?

2년 전

Our atrocity is that we judge an article by it's length and topic but not by thoughts conveyed through it..!

For the past couple of months steem been very disappointing and the steemit users are losing their spirit and reliability on this platform. But what must be the reasons or this atrocity? Why are we facing such a drawback when steemit once held such a bright future ahead..?

There may be many other reasons but one of the very affecting reasons is that people have stopped writing good and have started boosting and writing related to steemit or cryptocurrency interests so that they could get more and more exposure. This atrocity of steemit users may help them grow individually but prove to be devastating for the future of this community.

The Elephant in the Room :

{The platform who was once diverse and a representative of creative writers from every interests nowadays just encompasses crypto writing.. The diversity from steemit is dying and for it's death both the platform as well as the users are responsible..!}

  • Users because they write on something way beyond their interests, and when you are nit interested you do not perform up to the mark. Users including me try to flow with the trend forgetting the fact that they are the one who are responsible for resurrecting new trends..!

  • And the community is responsible because the have created a certain mindset on upvoting just theposts with the most probability of being successful which turn out to be obviously "Crypto Writing".

What is best to be done? Your will or users Choice?

We as an individual and as a community need to evolve beyond our limiting concepts which are causing hindrance in the way of steemit..

There are still very diverse talented writers on steemit waiting to be discovered.. I request them to write what they want to write not what they are tempted to..! because an short but intuitive writing will have a much better influence than a long but forced post..!

I myself am gonna write for my pleasure and to be heard by the loving community of steemit... Because by writing according to my interests I may not have a filled pocket but I will certainly will have a fulfilled mind..

Let us all appreciate the diverse colours of humanity and embrace every article written through heart..

God bless us All..!

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Most people just spam the shit out of this platform now to get steem. It is never going to have any longevity this way


You are very right, for a community to thrive spamming should be stopped on an individual level.. otherwise both the individual and the community are in grave danger..!


Hard to see how it can be stopped though