Are Your Blog Posts Too Long?

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Because mine are...apparently.

Or, at least, I find myself having to confront that possibility, and I want to explore the idea here. (By the way, I won't be mentioning your blog posts at all; I'll tell you why next week, in "Are Your Blog Post Titles Misleading?").

When it comes to driving traffic to blogs, there are several rules that are universally lauded. These include:

  • Posting frequently.
  • Using social media to promote posts.
  • Use catchy titles.
  • Use lots of graphics.
  • Use eyecatching keywords and establish a niche.
  • Add sharing buttons.
But I'm already doing all of those. And aside from Steemit, where I literally give free money to people who leave comments on my posts, I'm really not seeing a huge influx of traffic.

Tempted by the Dark Arts

Voldemort knows that children are the future. This November, vote Voldemort.

The only times I've had a lot of success driving traffic to the site is when I make potentially contentious statements on various public forums, in the hopes that it will drive losers without lives to try to investigate my online presence to find anything they can pick at.

Keep in mind I said potentially contentious. Truth be told, you don't have to say anything outrageous or offensive to get people to hate you on the internet. You just need to say something that plants a seed of doubt on their stiff upper lip. Everyone's so obsessed with their public image that you only have to question them, and they will suddenly give you a stupid amount of free advertising.

But I don't want to win that way.

The low road is such a reliable path to notoriety that it hurts to keep resisting it. But I'm building a brand here, and I don't want contention and anger to be a part of that brand. You will remember that I have advised writers to avoid creating and evoking anger. And it's still some of the best advice I have ever given.

Despite my best efforts to control it, I still find myself arguing with people on the internet---most of whom are not worth my time. But if the low road really isn't the answer, I have to ask: what is?

One Alternative: Shorter Posts

I have noticed that my shorter posts tend to get more engagement than my longer ones.

Which is a shame, because some of my best posts are 2000+ words, and they deserve to be read in their entirety. Yet they are not getting read at all, and that creates trouble for me.

So, as a warning, I'm going to let you know right now that I will be experimenting with shorter posts, as a way of hopefully engaging more readers.

If that fails, then I don't know what I'll do. Maybe I'll have to quit and become a YouTuber.


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In past I also tried to bring traffic to my sites and contents via paid methods and obviously it didn't work so well! Therefore, this is better, no matter I am getting low traffic and audience, atleast they are reliable than some weird traffic we get in! Your posts are truly long, but interesting to read! So I like it!


Good afternoon @talanhorne, do not worry about what others want, if someone considers that your publication is interesting, short and long, he has to read, if you do not I can not comment something intelligent and valid. Well, look at your answers and, according to this, you know if someone is interested in your publication or not
Happy night:)

Your job is excellent & great article.
good knowledge about for writing and it's very difficulty.

Thanks @talanhorne
Have a wonderful day.

You are right, my friend, it often happens that longer messages do not bring much traffic and this problem was with me, because I spent more time and effort to attract traffic, but this did not bring the expected result. Try the experiment with short messages, the result may be much better! Thank you @talanhorne

@talanhorne - Sir whatever you write short form or in longest article it always gives us valuable information... keep that good work up Sir... I'm your good fan...


Hello @talanhorne,

Extraordinary good guidance & advice to all content creators. Incredible writing & very interesting.


To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Without a doubt

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

You just need to say something that plants a seed of doubt on their stiff upper lip.

That’s the magic word! I know it’s not easy this time. Almost everyone has tough time. I’m curios whether shorter posts are the answer. My opinion is that it won’t change much since I personally do read your blogs entirely. Just as I do someone else’s blogs. That way I can give the best comment I possibly can at that moment. However, I as well try to make posts that are not too long. I don’t post too often, but when I do I try to make it as much interesting as I possibly can. And that’s what you do as well. It’s a lot of work. I didn’t know you make you tube video, or do you?


I don't make YouTube videos...yet.

But I'm looking into everything. One way to get publishers' attention is if I have a huge web presence. I try my best, but it doesn't always work.

Very interesting writing & publishing advice. You are awesome @talanhorne

Sometimes the idea appears at an unexpected time and does not have time to record the idea, when there is an opportunity to write down the idea or idea that has been forgotten stacked up with new things, how to make a catchy title?

I'm really not seeing a huge influx of traffic.

True! And when you do, most won’t read it anyway for some reason. I noticed it many times. Unfortunately, there are too many bots here.
On the other hand making something outrages would definitely work, but you would have to keep doing it that way to keep the audience entertained. You might have to get even better every single time. I completely understand how difficult it is to make a post... Other than being very interesting and at some point very informative. Just for that reason I have a huge respect for you as your follower. I hope that doesn’t make me “looser without life” lol.


Naw, you're super cool.

But it's no secret that taunting and provoking people can get a lot of attention online.

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During the current market drop, it's harder to get enough audience. Your career awaits as an Author, not an YouTuber

I have noticed that my shorter posts tend to get more engagement than my longer ones.

Good analysis & it can be happened. But it doesn't mean you should write shorter posts. Your talent is for both types of posts.

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Well nothing worked out too good for me while writing long post as no one has that much time and half of the comments were like nice post etc so made it short and simple but on a consistent basis

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This sure will help me built my audience :)

Thanks for the tips buddy

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Short posts are much more fun by loading density ideas in simple language.

And you also need some luck too, to became a rich!

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I have been working on steemit for aprox 4 months, I think I am giving my 100% to create a blog as per knowledge to look pretty awesome. but after reading your blog I realized that I have to give 110% to be good steemit blogger.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge hope people will make most of it.

What a lovely article. Both short and long posts can drive in traffic to your blog. It depends on how captivating your articles are and not how long or short. Good and interesting posts do the traffic work.

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