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Since, at the moment, I'm stuck in the publisherless limbo that threatens to destroy my optimism and devour my very soul, I thought I should take this opportunity to talk about what it is I hope for.

Starry-eyed Young People

Being an author is one of careers people call "dream jobs". That does not mean that the job is always profitable, or worthwhile, and it definitely doesn't mean that the job is easy. But, in almost all cases, having a dream job is the job you have chosen and would prefer over any other.

And that's true for authors as much as any other kind of dream job. A lot of them don't make substantial money off of their work, yet they will make any number of sacrifices to keep their position.

And I can understand their reasoning. Authors, after all, are wonderful things. They're the reason books exist. They add to the variety of the world and enrich the experience of life.

But countless starry-eyed young people want to be authors. Millions have the passion and the drive requisite for the work. Which is a shame, because a great number of them don't get off the ground.

This troubles me, because I have the same optimism that has accompanied the thousands of failed authors out there. Granted, the successful authors were graced by the same affliction. But at some point, I have to ask myself, what makes myself different?

Filtering Myself

One thing I have long known about myself is that I don't want to be an author. That is to say, I don't intend to settle for simply being on a bookshelf. Or to write a story that anyone else in the world could write. And that gives me hope.

Because one thing I have noticed with a lot of failed hopefuls is that they write books that anyone could have written. A lot of them turn to self publishing (which is how I find them) and far too many of these books have a common point of failure: they're impersonal. It's as if the author is merely trying to write a book.

I never set out to write a book. I never entertain the idea of writing something down until I'm sure it's the book that needs to be written. I filter my brain-children, only giving voice to the ones that pass a certain threshold of depth, of originality, of agony, or of just plain awesomeness.

In this respect, I don't really want to be an author. I want to be an influencer---someone who gives you a powerful experience that lingers in your human perception of the world. I want the thing I give you to become important to you. And for that, I can't settle for just being any kind of author.

Hope of All Hopes

So, as I wait for an opportunity that could change the course of my life, and could see a particularly worthy book brought onto the world stage, what is it I hope for?

I hope to be the best.

It sounds a bit narcissistic (and it is), but it also serves a purpose. Having such a grandiose hope forces me to be hard on myself. And by being hard on myself, I make my writing glow with the effort. When I say I'm proud of the books I've written, it's not simply an affirmation. It's a confession of my labor, of how much was taken out of me to compose this work I now pass on to you.

And I hope that's enough to make me different. I can't guarantee it will put me over the finish line. There are no guarantees. But this is who I am. If the industry gives me a chance, I will be explosive. If it does not give me a chance, then I will be nothing. But the one thing I will never be...is a lukewarm, milquetoast, or plain vanilla author.

Right now, I'm strolling over the edge. Whatever happens, happens.

But I always hope for the best.

Thanks for reading.

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Take your time friend! We all got busy life styles and being an author is not an easy task at all!


Your writing is always excellent... you are very great knowledge about writing and that’s very difficult.... I really appreciate your talent... keep it up ...

I mean sometimes it is better if we follow our passion which satisfies our inner soul rather then caring about money thing ...

You're a good knowledge person about writing and it's very difficult.
Your job is excellent article.
Thanks @talanhorne
Have a nice day.

It's great that you reflect on this and discuss with us and I wish you success my dear friend. Really you doing very good job.
Keep it up

Have a great day

@talanhorne - Sir you already has proven us you can write stories & novels extremely well... I don't know what you sent to the publishers to get approval... But I think Sir, they will publish your stories soon... The world needs writers & here we got one of excellent writer --> @talanhorne...
Wish you all the best Sir... Before the end of 2018, I wish I can read your books...


You got to aim for the stars..
I wish you luck and success my friend

Hello @talanhorne,

Writing is your born talent & skill. Therefore, keep faith on destiny. Your writings will find right hand to publish. Good luck & all the best.


Great and amazing reviews about this series. I really loved your post. Very well written. Nice content and brilliant post. ☺

Thanks @talanhorne for sharing this post.

Have a wonderful day!

A lot have tried and failed..
But that is life, you still have to give it your best and believe you can

never let you down. i wish you good luck @talanhorne

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Fantastic blog
Upvote and resteem

A wonderful discussion of your hopes, my friend and you are right, we must always look for something real and try to be better than being a mediocre author and it's great that you reflect on this and discuss with us! Thank you @talanhorne

Congratulations @talanhorne
Now you are in the MinnowsPower Loyalty Member List...!!!

You have the talent of write & don't eliminate your hope...!!!

100% Upvoted by @MinnowsPower

That does not mean that the job is always profitable, or worthwhile, and it definitely doesn't mean that the job is easy.

That’s true! I personally have a huge respect for authors, writers... Especially the unique once, the once who look outside the box. You seem to be that person. You are definately unique author. Every single blog I’ve read, even any of your reviews are diferent.
Let’s hope for the best!!!

Hamlet by William Shakespeare, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, The Odyssey by Homer, Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, The Mother by Maxim Gorky - "They all had two in common - Hope & Talent". You have both,so good luck.

@talanhorne, You well said again and well writing.

Being an author is one of careers people call "dream jobs". That does not mean that the job is always profitable, or worthwhile, and it definitely doesn't mean that the job is easy.

Of course, I totally agree with you. That's dreamy job. Only writing from their mind. Probably gotta go for deeply mindset. Thanks for valuable content.

Good idea @talanhorne sir...
Waiting for your book perfect so great work

I prefer to read your writing style @talanhorne.
Lot of informative sentences (Advice) indeed there.


You did your job! Your talent, determination and passion will eventually pay of. I have no doubt about that. There are ups and downs in our lives. I’m witnessing it on myself as well as on other people. There are writers I fallow here on steemit platform. Especially two. You and one other. I really like both’s styles. It seems the other one really struggles this time. I do believe, it will eventually turn around. Not only when it comes to your book publication, but his as well. By following you, I’m aware of it takes a long time, but eventually it all will pay off.

That's most valuable contexts for who want to go ahead through publishing field. Also it's very deserve to otherwise fields.

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The world is moving into Analog to Digital, so books too. Think wisely, sometimes you got right place there.

Good writing new blog .so just shared.Writing is very hard.@talanhorne
For your post propagation. Upvote/Resteem

Everyone going current society busy style. But your advice and thoughts important for everyone. You need to take time and then you can make best quality publication works.

The wonderful article and valuable writing.


That is Excellent article and professional writing . Such a great experience.
100% like and resteem

You sure will get it buddy !

Yes sometimes it really takes time but at the end it will sure work out !

You will get your breakthrough !

Very good ideas and wonderful writing experience . sir best work

What an amazing blog post sir,thanks for sharing as i am always a great fan of your work.

life is all about living it on the edge to do things in a different manner because the mainstream way is too mainstream and for a person like you i have full faith you will find ways in the most creative ways ever :)

Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don't give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.

I completely agree with you @talanhorne, it is better to write a worthy and qualitative work once than to be authors of the second kind and your hopes definitely make sense. I wish you great luck and great inspiration!

You are a great inspiration sir more over i really loves your support,have a great day.

Great log post sir the way you comes with always some new ideas and thoughts i am so proud of your work @talanhorne.

Aims and dreams come true if we devote ourselves for them..wish you good luck for your dreams.

Fabulous post bro

Fantastic & excellent post . Resteem

Being an outstanding author is not easy because the public readers are very critical when reading a book.

Your self-esteem is very good for wanting to stand out among thousands of authors to be a good writer you have to have passion and inspiration.

Mind blowing post!! Your thinking was really good..Hope is the success of the people!

Great post, thanks for sharing @talanhorne
Resteem done

Good writting sir
Resteem done

Following your Dreams and making your own way into the bright future by overcoming hardships and hardworking tasks.
A writer is a writer if he/she has a pen and pages he/she can show wonders by their writing.

It all comes from great inspiration and motivation.
All it takes is just to follow your passion.

Thanks for sharing love and inspiration @talanhorne

Great tips sir actually i loves writing but i am unable to go forward hope this article helps me,thanks a lot @talanhorne.

Yes @talanhorne you always gives us a lot of hope,thanks a lot for your love and support.

But I always hope for the best
Good Luck & that hope will change all bad stories to good ones.

Wonderful writing to hope. hope to be the best.

Its really a valuable post.when life give you chance we never know.but we have to keep trying and hoping for the best.