A Letter to God

5개월 전

Dear Lord,

I don't know if this counts for a prayer
These are the only words i have to share
All my life I've asked you for things
This time I'm writing you a letter

I am lost and alone and its so lonely in here
I'm moving in circles with no idea where my life is going (if its going at all)
So here i am in this dark waters

I have no fight in me
So here i am enveloped in these waters
Drowning in my fear, anger and loneliness
Numb to the pain of it all

Maybe i need to be lost so i can be found
Maybe i need to fear so i can be of good courage
Maybe i need to be alone so i can learn to be strong
Maybe i need to cry these tears so i know how to laugh

Therefore, I'm letting go and giving you control
Let the waters take me where they wish
All i ask is, when the time is right (and may it be right before i'm completely consumed)

When the time is right Lord
Find me
Please find me.

Yours truly,
An errant lost child.


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