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The Method we use to achieve our goals has everything to do with the final result we will achieve, who has never stagnated in any objective because the method used was not more effective, it happens all the time, technical change is always necessary.
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We crave more when we use an ineffective method, it is like skating in the same place hoping to overcome stubbornness, but there is a big problem in this, water can pierce a stone, but for that it takes thousands of years, well, no one to wait a long time to come.
Imagine the following situation, using method 1 a person learns a new skill in about 6 months, however using method number 2 this same skill can take up to 5 years to be learned, you do not even have to say why choose the method Right is the ideal, neh ?.

In today's society everything changes rapidly, if we do not keep up with this speed we can stay back professionally, that's where the importance of the right method comes in. It is possible to get anywhere we want, just know the correct method for this.

Until my next post I remain @zeuz .

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