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There was a mouse that always felt distressed because he was afraid of the cat, one day talking with a magician, he said:

  • -What can I do, a simple mouse? the cats horrify me.

The magician, seeing him so vulnerable, felt sorry for him and turned him into a cat, at first he felt happy, but then he started to feel afraid of the dog, so when talking to the magician he said:

  • -What can a simple cat like me do, before the dog's fangs?.

The magician tried again to help him, so he turned him into a dog. With his new appearance he felt calmer, but at the time the fears came again, this time for the panther. He went back to the magician ...

  • -Go figure! What can a simple dog like me do, before the fury and the strong claws of the panther?

The magician once again sympathized with the animal and turned it into a panther, but now his fear revolved around the hunter, so, being a panther, he turned to the magician and said:

  • -What can I do, a simple panther, before the shotguns?

The magician realized that he could not help him and turned him into a mouse again, looked him in the eyes and said:

"Nothing I can do can help you, because you have the heart of a mouse."

The narrated story was aimed towards management of self-esteem ... In evidence were the fears of the mouse that received the help he requested, but was not determined to responsibly assume what was received, so it did not help. So we see it in many people, they spend their lives complaining about what they do not have, and when they receive the help, they do not know what to do with it, so they immediately fall into another complaint ...

It is important to accept ourselves as we are, each person has a great backpack of virtues and another of defects, that by accepting them gives us balance and makes us who we are, everything is fine with you, who are we to judge the good or bad of others? However, it is obvious that we all have fears, fears and anxieties, the good news is that they can be overcome, so why not look for the best version of you?

It is then a matter of making some adjustments, strengthening thought, that gives us the character to act before life and face possible situations that arise, the error is to pretend to be what we are not, so the first step is acceptance and with it will come evolution.

I am @zeuz ,Until my next post be brave, have believe what you capable of.

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