Mushrooms I

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Mushrooms are neither plants nor animals - a simple phrase that already arouses curiosity. To understand something about mushrooms, I started years ago with a brief SWOT analysis (overview of a subject). I have a great advantage, that I am interested in understanding what is with them in Nature - and what is known about them; it is that feeling when you enter an unknown realm, full of surprises, a kind of intellectual challenge that takes you out of the ordinary.
And I have a big disadvantage, that I don't know much about them; I have a few pieces of theoretical information, some childhood memories heard from the mycologist-specialist of the Museum of Natural Sciences, then some vague memories from college courses, some ideas here and there, but all together they are superficial; regarding the knowledge of the mushroom species… I have no pretensions.


And I have the opportunity to try to photograph them in the field trips, to get to understand them, talking to people who have some perception of the subject, to read another book. And there is a risk that the whole attempt will remain a marginal initiative.I have a stack of dozens of books about mushrooms, including some written by the world's leading specialists in the field, others more photo albums. The reality is that those books were never analyzed in more detail, but eventually were browsed, they served as a delight with pictures. When they were purchased through bookstores, antique shops or ordered online during periods of discounts, there was an optimism that their time would come.




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