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What is WWE/ Pro Wrestling?

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is a US based company formally known as WWF (World Wrestling Federation), it is the most popular professional wrestling company on planet earth from its WWF days till now.

Pro wrestling is real and fake depending on how you look at it. But to be honest, its more real than fake. The fighting that goes on in the ring is very real with several injuries recorded over the years while winners and losers are predetermined using scripted storylines.

What Up with WWE in 2016

WWE in 2016 has been awesome thus far with the return of the brand extension which has caused a division of the roster into two different show Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live.
Other interesting events in the WWE this year include:

  • A record attendance of 101,763 people at its biggest event: Wrestlemania
  • Changing of the Divas Tittle to WWE Women's Championship to place importance on Women's wrestling
  • The return of the Cruiserweight division (smaller wrestlers who used to be ignored by the WWE)
  • And finally the signing of highly talented fighters who have spent years on the independent scene leading us into what the company describes as "the new Era."

WWE has two live shows for its main roster every week with different rosters which are RAW and Smackdown Live. Here is this week 's review of Monday Night Raw

WWE RAW - Monday 6-8-16 Review and Reactions

This week's episode was underwhelming compared to the epic showdown the occurred the week before, but the sight of UFC fighter Brock Lesnar after cheating allegation was a significant compensation for this week's episode.

Let's get into it then, shall we:

Women's Champion Addresses Raw

Sasha Banks the newly crowned Women's Champ from last week's episode after defeating Charlotte, the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair. After a short address, she was interrupted by Charlotte who took very little time to hype their match at Summerslam; they were shortly joined by male performer Chris Jericho who came to the aid of Charlotte and later Enzo Amore who evened the numbers.

Grade: B It was fresh to see the Women's Champion open RAW and have one of the biggest heel (bad guys) and face (good guys) of the male division add spice to the segment but at some point, it felt dragged.

Sasha Banks and Enzo Amore vs. Chris Jericho and Charlotte

The confrontation ended up in mixed tag team match between Sasha Banks and Enzo Amore against Chris Jericho and Charlotte. Sasha and Enzo had things under control while their opponents struggled to find chemistry until Charlotte's on screen assistant interfered causing a distraction that led to a win for Chris Jericho and Charlotte.

Winner: Jericho and Charlotte

Grade: B This was an exciting segment in general and the fact that it was the first mixed tag team match of the new era made it special.

Braun Strowman vs. Evan Anderholm

WWE superstar Braun has been on a hot streak lately squashing local competitors on RAW. This week was no different as he crashed a poor soul who wrestled for money.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Grade: C - This is getting old, I don't mind seeing this for two weeks but by next week the WWE will have to move his character away from just beating people because he can, a storyline with an actual performer would be great.

The Shining Stars vs. The Golden Truth w/ Pokemon Go

Yo cannot watch RAW for 3 hours without having a good laugh. R-Truth one-half of The Golden Truth has been playing Pokemon Go all day long and unfortunately for his partner he was too obsessed with the game he caused them a defeat in the hands of The Shining Stars.

** Grade: D+** - Great joke but it was too predictable and made the Golden Truth an excellent tag team look weak.

Winner: The Shining Stars

Seth Rollins Confront Finn Balor

After the brand split two weeks ago, RAW was left with no flagship title leaving the power that be no choice but to announce the new " WWE Universal Championship." Their number one pick for the WWE RAW brand Seth Rollins was given an automatic slot for the title match at Summerslam while Finn Balor had to pull double duty (to feature in two different matches) in one night to earn his spot. Seth came out bragging, but Fin wanted none of that and silenced "the Architect."

Grade: B+ - This narrative has occurred too many times in the near past that it felt like a repeat of a recent feud, Finn Balor, aka the Demon has enough character depth to make this more entertaining but the bout scheduled for Summerslam is too mouth-watering to ignore.

Mark Henry vs. Rusev - United States Championship Match

After refusing a mentorship role behind the scenes, the world's strongest man challenged Rusev for the United States Championship in a brutal meeting between two massive specimen.

The world's strongest man came shot as the Bulgarian brute; Rusev scored a convincing victory.

WWE was never going to ignore the Olympic Games hype as Rusev tore the games apart calling it rigged, and citing that as the reason for the USA's triumph at the event.

Winner: Rusev

Grade: A - Amazing booking by the WWE to put Rusev over (make him look good or like a legitimate threat to others) while given Mark a veteran in the industry some valuable airtime.

Darren Young vs. Titus O'Neil

Titus and Darren used to be tag partners under the Prime Time Players name but went their separate ways after a bad un in the tag team division. Titus, the more muscular of the two, took command for the most of the match leading to an eventual win.

Winner: Titus O'Niel

Grade: C this was an okay match that was well set up with the backstage segment before it but the emotions from that segment were not channeled into the match leaving it vague.

Nia Jax vs. Local Competitor

Another squash match but this time for the most dominant performer in the Women's division cousin of The Rock, Nia Jax. She tore the local competitor apart and was pretty convincing despite her recent call-up to the main roster.

Winner: Nia Jax

Grade: B - Quick and convincing, sold better compared to Strowman's.

New Day vs. The Club

The WWE Tag Team champs had a daunting task on Monday night; they had to face their nemesis, The Club who have terrorized the tag champs for the past week. The two-time champs hade an amazing performance against The Club. It was interesting to see the New Day without the 3rd man advantage.

Winner: New Day!

Grade: B- Made New Day look good, but the quick match was a let down hopefully setting up a match at the next PPV, Summerslam.

Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Both men have expressed dissatisfaction after being drafted to RAW and took their frustration to the RAW Commissioner and General Manager. Mick Foley saw an opportunity in their never ending rant and gave them a match with a championship opportunity for the winner.

Cesaro and Sheamus can hardly have a bad match and Monday was no different. The Celtic Warrior taunted Cesaro during the opening moments of the match, but the king of swing recovered to beat Sheamus.

Winner: Cesaro

Grade: A - It was a great way to use both stars after they both fell shot during the Universal Championship Fatal Four Way qualification encounter.

Sami Zayn s. Seth Rollins

This match occurred for the second time in one month but still stole the show, this week's match of the night saw Rollins and Zayn show off their vast moves set while telling a great story.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Grade: A Despite the fact that, Zayn lost he came up with his head high after his stellar performance in the match while Seth looked more vicious than ever.

Brock Lesnar Returns And Randy Orton Appears

Brock was accompanied by Paul Heyman his mouth piece, after hyping the match better than anyone could, the echo in the room from Heyman's promo was all Brock opponent at SummerSlam Randy needed was an RKO (Randy's finishing move) to finish the beast which he wasn't capable of, but much to our surprise Randy appeared and hit an RKO out of nowhere to end the episode on a high.

Grade: A+ This segment elevated their feud at the summer's biggest event making it a must see encounter.
See you next week :-)

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