Xbox Cloud on PC

3개월 전

The Xbox Cloud Gaming program is something I have become a fan of over the past months it has been out on mobile platforms. It has worked well for me and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate upgrade has been a worthwhile transition. Cross progression, minimal downloads and a general fluid experience has made cloud gaming much better than I had initially thought after giving Stadia a try. The game streaming experience now hits PC and it will bring much of the same with some added bells and whistles. It’s still a beta program but has a nice library as of now.

I personally feel it has been a great value bonus to the game pass, perhaps it shouldn’t be the prime reason one subscribes to the ultimate game pass as performance can vary. Remote play is also supposed to be included in this roll out, a feature that allows in home console game streaming to a PC or mobile device. I have used this extensively and will eventually try Microsoft’s solution. I will be curious as to whether some game support mouse and keyboard.

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