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What Is XCH4NGE?

Based in London, XCh4nge is a Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform that aims at providing its users with access to traditional market makers as well as access to over the Counter and dark pool transactions.

Additionally, the platform will provide users with the opportunity to securely and easily trade Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. XCh4nge distinguishes itself from its competitors with its low costs and high-level KYC procedure.

In the future, the platform will incorporate additional tools that will be customized to suit the needs of professional brokers and traders throughout the year. The tools will include sub-accounts that will mainly benefit businesses.

How XCH4NGE Works

Since XCh4nge is a peer-to-peer exchange platform, all the crypto assets that users purchase will be from other users on the platform and XCh4nge acts as an intermediary during the transaction. All the users of the platform verify their information details and bank accounts, which ensures that frauds and scams do not occur from malicious accounts and that new users do not receive unfair penalties.

The verification process involves users submitting their identification and bank account details and after this, the platform begins the verification process. In case users have any problems during this process, a representative will contact them to find out if they can help them with any issues.

Buying Cryptocurrencies

To purchase cryptocurrencies, users can browse the available list of cryptocurrencies. Each user selling a cryptocurrency will be listed along with their prices and any limits they might have. When the buyer selects a seller, the process is initiated. Once the seller accepts the buyer’s offer, the seller can transfer the balance. The buyer will then receive the crypto assets through the XCH4NGE’s platform.

All the funds on the XCh4nge platform are stored in multi-sig wallets that are encrypted. Therefore, users can withdraw or deposit funds at any time. In addition to P2P trading, transactions are also P2P meaning that funds are directly transferred from one user to the other using bank transfers. The transactions fees are charged from the seller’s crypto assets.

XCH4NGE Features

Verified Users
All users on Xch4nge will undergo the KYC verification process, which will be undertaken by a leading UK credit agency, which will prevent fraud and money laundering activities from taking place on the marketplace.

Speed And Reliability
The Xch4nge platform is different from other platforms since it’s designed to process transactions instantly and thus achieves XCh4nge’s aim of offering its users worldwide with one of the fastest P2P experiences.

24/7 Customer Support
XCh4nge has a 24/7 customers support system that is operated by an experienced customers’ support team to ensure that users receive helpful responses on time for any queries or any assistance that they might have.

Transparent Fees
The platform has a transparent and competitive pricing structure, meaning that there are no hidden fees; therefore, whatever the users see is what they will be required to pay.

Effective Communication
Through the XCH4NGE community, that is accessible by following the social media sites of the platform or joining its Telegram community, users can remain updated on all the cryptocurrency news and trends.

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