What Is Elastic (XEL) and what's the purpose of @xeline?

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So.. What is XEL?

A lot of people today have very powerful computers which are all connected to the internet. If you think about it, there is a huge amount of computing power – not in supercomputer centers or laboratories but in peoples houses. XEL bundles this computation power and distributed it through Blockchain technology to self-coded, arbitrary tasks that are programmed in XEL’s own programming language ePL. Nodes are incentivized to contribute their unused computation power by crypto-currency payments, which behave similarly to the process of mining traditional crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin.

To learn more please visit the following sites: 



https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JZLpD-F8wHdhNfuWh24LbnEXPKCKSCtj/view (whitepaper)

What's the purpose of the @xeline account on steemit?

First, this is not an official account or endorsed in any way by the devs behind xel!

@xeline is a steemit account created by a bunch of fans that simply like xel! We will be reposting news and stuff related to xel and our main goal is to bring more awareness to the project. This account will be used to support all xel-related posts, both by resteeming and upvoting them...

We are also brainstorming other ideas, like using the profits the posts generate to buy XEL coins and give them away, burn them or whatever..  

TLDR, this is an unofficial account that will be promoting the project in various ways. Stay tuned for more! :)

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