Xiaomi's Special Mechanical Clock

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Protected against moisture and maybe yours at a relatively low cost
We have many times told you that the production of Xiaomi watches is good. The Chinese once again confirmed this fact - they launched a new model, this time with auto-winding.

TwentySeventeen Light Mechanical Wristwatch - a laconic smart clock with a circular hull and incisions instead of digits. There is a calendar, mechanics, and a leather strap. Under the given name is a classic mechanical clock, equipped with 5AUM standard damping and auto winding capability, which is automatically put on the dial on the dial.

In other words, you do not need to spend time winding the clock at all. He will do this task by the way.

You move your hand, inside a special mechanism that rotates the spring.

Pay attention to something else - autonomy.

The mechanical part of the watch is made of high-quality materials. The model has sapphire glass and a special coating on the surface to prevent glare and fingerprints.

In addition, there is a window on the face that reflects the current date.

The rear panel of the watch is transparent and allows you to enjoy the operation of the mechanical parts of the device.

What is the price? $ 72. Sales in China will start soon. However, no exact date has been announced. The choice is relatively large - a white / black dial and a brown or black strap.

source - digi.bg
image source - pixabay.com

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