Coinbase Giving away Stellar Lumens


So for a while now coinbase has been promoting their Earn program. This is a program that invites investors to learn about different cryptocurrency and rewards them with 10 dollar increments of the currency. stellar.png

I went through the steps and was able to claim 10 dollars in XLM and 10 dollars in BAT just by answering a few 1 question tests. It was really pretty simple. The thing with this program is apparently you need an invite to the specific crypto's programs. Currently, I do not have access to the Zcash program, so if someone wants to shoot me an invite it would be appreciated. Anyways this is an easy way to earn some free no strings attached crypto. stell2ar.png

You can check out the non affiliate link here to see if you qualify for Earn programs without an invite:

Of course I am going to drop my affiliate as well, just do not want to sketch people out. Use this if you want to help me out, and get an invite to take the tests:

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