Stellar Lumen (XLM) has Likely Completed the Correction with a Bull Wick

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Stellar Lumen (XLM) has been processing a three month long correction that took the shape of a downward pointing symmetrical triangle. Elliott Waves show that the correction could have completed with a bull wick event. Price has thus far breached the upper white line and we'll need to see a couple rounds of an impulse move up.

Closer examination of subwaves show that the first round of impulse motive might be near complete. This would be followed by an abc or another type of correction so that the second round of impulse could be initiated. The top alternate calls for a bounce and more sideways price action.

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Not enough volume to confirm. Thoughts?


I think the large volume spike at 6k belongs to that guys that were smart enough to sell at 20k.
Very often those guys dont trade with BTC, so they didnt sell on the recent dumps.
That would explain the lack of volume to me.

But really, who knows.


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Bitcoin should reach $10,600 soon. The mor BTC grows the more xlm will see higher prices.

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I agree. The charts and forecast below are based on yesterdays closing prices. Will be updating in the next 24 hrs on today's closing price data. My analysis on Stellar(XLM):



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