I fall in love with you. (Competition 53)


[Image courtesy of @xpilar]

I saw you and my face turned red, I recognized you from my dreams and my hands were shaking

As a bright star in the sky, so my face lit up when I saw you

Since that day you are my north, my south, my pole and the air that gives me life

Everything you ask me to give you only promises to love me until the end of days

Because your only name makes me feel warm in my body and the snow of solitude around me melts

You lead me steadfast and constant as a moon in the sky, I may be lost as a drifting dolphin but you always there

I know that my love is more sincere than the love of the penguins and more immense than joining the north pole and south pole

I fell in love with you with all my soul, without control, without measures and without hope.


With this publication I participate in competition 53 of @xpilar, do you want to join? Follow this link

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Thanks for the great story @anasuleidy

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