Daniel the motivator.

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Daniel was a renowned businessman, full of fame and a lot of money, he had followers all over the world.
His motivational talks and his successful company generated him a lot of fame, but little by little his humble and innocent personality was lost
Every day he became a despot and mistreated his followers so cruelly.
One day he went on a barcode in the Pacific because they had a series of talks, walked through the bar code repairing their lines with the cell phone and did not pay attention to the people who greeted, who dared to ask for a photo were totally ignored, Everyone present tells himself that Daniel was not even the shadow of what he expressed in his talks.
Being at night being in the bar code surprised by the crew that as revenge for his contempt they put him in a metal boat and left him until dawn at the stern of the bar code.
Daniel spent the night terrified, but he had enough time to think, he thought that what he was living deserved it for despot and for forgetting where he came from, he spent the hours and dawned, he realized that nobody was looking for him, that nobody missed him, that if he had died that night nobody would have noticed, I cry with all his might, and when he calmed down it was totally daylight


From that position and with so much free time he was able to notify and consider the beauty of the sky, he could detect that the blue of the water and the blue of the sky mixed perfectly.
He decided not to worry, he knew that when he arrived they would notice his audacity and look for him, so while he passed by he would enjoy the view.

This story is original and was inspired thanks to the digital art of @xpilar here his work

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