knowing the earth.

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On a normal hot day, a group of young Martians will take a ship and advance through the galaxy, had so much fun that they agreed to do that every day.
And indeed from that day, they went out to explore the daily galaxies, each day was unique, new things and places to see.
Little by little they were taking more confidence, with each trip their desires for exploration and knowledge were growing more and more.
Little by little they approached the earth, the adrenaline went up with each trip, We all know that humans are aggressive beings just as approaching the earth was something exciting.
One day the Martians were determined to know the earth, they wanted to know the oxygen, they would feel they had that of the air, get so close that


They could see the sea up close, its beautiful blue color with bright glowing, known to see mountains, roads, dense vegetation and puddles of water that later found out were rivers.
But they swore never came back to earth, because they had to breathe the air and they didn't like it, I was so polluted that I thought they would die, they were impressed as humans being so small that they breathed equivalent and still live.

Enjoying the experience but decided not to return to earth.

This story is original and was inspired thanks to the digital art of @xpilar here his work

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