Venice underwater.

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A couple of young lovers went to spend their honeymoon in Venice, they chose this city for being charming, romantic and touristy.
Its streets full of water, the idea of ​​having to move in gondolas, visit the bridges, the squares, the churches, This couple was so excited and happy.
On their first day in Venice they decided to visit an ice cream shop, when they left there, it was already too late but they had to make the most of their stay in the city of love.
They took a gondola that had a black engine that made the trip very fast, Maria fell from the gondola and Daniel desperately threw himself into the water without hesitation.
His big surprise is that Venice underwater is a beautiful city, full of life, lights and color


Daniel and Maria met a part of Venice that rarely, Venice underwater is totally different, an extraordinary and fun tourist alternative.

This story is original and was inspired thanks to the digital art of @xpilar here his work

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thank you @jdbs for your great description / story from my digital image

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