Analyze the digital art of @xpilar. (Competition 27)

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Hello Everyone!!

Image source and contest rules

It is a great aerial digital image, the distance is perfect to appreciate the boundaries between one place and another.

(In real life in some moments we must take the perfect distance to appreciate the details of life)

The colors in this piece are beautiful, a total success in the tone, very real and attached to nature.

(In real life it is necessary to appreciate the beauty of nature, its colors and shapes are perfect, in the real life of nature we have everything, we must thank what we have, value every detail, appreciate what nature has for us ).

I invite you to invest your time in enjoying and creating art, this is a creative world worth contemplating, analyzing and studying, active in you the most sensitive and wonderful of your being, if you wish you can follow, comment and be inspired by art @xpilar digital

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