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XR Web is currently running an ICO program that will end in about 24 days. This is an excellent opportunity to be one of the first to adopt a promising project. This project aims to implement the Internet with a technology called Extended Reality (XR). The current Internet is in 2D and this is not enough for the 3D world we transformed ourselves.

3D Internet World is a digital world in the real world. Virtual Reality (VR) will support Augmented Reality (AR) and Extended Reality (XR). XR Web is the first distributed social media platform on Extended Reality based on the Ethereum cable chain. It's amazing the future is here.

XR Web is a decentralized extended reality platform and a virtual world that insists on the real world.

Because most of our current information is stored on the online 2D web. XR Web decided to change the way we interact with our environment on the Internet. In the immediate surroundings, there are information about the people we meet, the food we eat, the machines we use, the information we use and the information we use. with us, navigation etc. XR Web uses artificial intelligence to share 360-degree images and videos in real-time. We can gather information about many things we interact with in our lives. This is called a New Reality (XR), a new reality of the Internet.

The partnership between XR Web and Oracle-D took another step in the creation of the first decentralized decentralized social media platform (XR) based on the principle of the Steem & XR Web distribution chain. The XR Web portal app, easily accessible from the Android Play Store and Apple Appstore, is accessible from any smartphone. In fact, while browsing the app's camera viewer, you can see the content around you in the XR and send 2D / XR messages to gain tokens. In addition to social media, the XR ecosystem will be used in games, real estate and other applications.

This is an advanced technology on the future, augmented reality blockchain that we think. The combination of patent pending artificial intelligence technology and XR technology has led to the creation of the first platform for the future of personal information processing.

This particular sector has a growing market. XR Web is one of the two fastest growing sectors. 1) The global AR industry is expected to grow about 700% over the next five years and reach 209 million dollars by 2023 (Statista). 2) Global mobile advertising will reach $ 197 billion in 2020 (Zenith).

By implementing smart contracts, transparency and reliability, the ownership and value of the XR Web can be transparently linked to democratic principles.

XR tokens will begin trading on public cryptographic platforms that act as stock exchanges to value XR tokens by matching purchase and sales orders. As the market grows, there will be demand for an XR token. No new chips will be created after the chips are sold. This liquidity will help.

Token XR

The XR token is the currency used in the XR Web platform. This type of currency is ERC-20 and has approximately 455,000,000 XR chips. The XR tokens allow landlords to rent land on the XR Web and obtain shared revenue from advertisements and transactions on the new XR website. You can redeem assets, win at least 500 XR tokens and be rewarded, and modify XR tokens without paying with changes like p2pb2b and the Bancor network.

How do you participate in the ICO?

Only 25 days to complete the ICO, hurry up and buy the XR tokens here. When this ICO ends in April, the distribution of XR tokens will be made in May.

The pre-sale price of the XR token is $ 0.10 and the real price of the OIC is $ 0.15. The funds accepted are: ETH, BTC, XRP, LTC and Fiat. The minimum investment is 1 ETH or its equivalent.

Fortunately, heavy users can only buy 10 XR tokens in 1 STEEM (around US $ 0.4); he thinks the others will pay around $ 1.5 for the same XR tokens.

How can a small user get a discount?

What you should do to get a limited discount as an intensive user

export the amount of stub to the @gofindxr file

The chips will be in your ERC-20 wallet. If you do not have a wallet, you can create a free one here.

Earn a 60% discount when you register on this link.

Do not miss this ICO, it is a great opportunity to be part of a promising project with technology that will be used by the masses in the near future.

Join Whitelist & get KYC approved (For 25% bonus limited time)

XR Web - Crypto Token project for Building the XR Web with XR tokens

Buy XR Tokens now with Bonus: https://www.ico.xrweb.netwotk
Token info
Price in ICO0.1500 USD
Contact ico@xrweb.network for Bonus

Bonus - 30%: Private & Community Sale
Bonus 20% - Pre-Sale
Bonus 10% - Public main sale

If you want to pay in a crypto-currency not covered on our ICO Portal, email at ico@xrweb.network

ICO Portal: https://ico.xrweb.network
Tokens for sale455,000,000

XrWeb has a new token sale at partner site Concordia Ventures which starts today till Aug 15. We have a special 50% discount on their platform until May 31.

Website : https://xrweb.network/

Oracle-D https://oracle-d.com/

Join ICO https://ico.xrweb.network/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/XRwebnetwork

Telegram : https://www.t.me/gofindxr

Whitepaper : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2po81s5amqscfjf/WP_English_revised_Feb5%20%281%29.pdf?dl=0

Bounty0x username : bitaircan

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