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Good day everyone,

Few days back, we have announced our intention to build opensource exchange software that we think will benefit Steem greatly.

In this post, I will try to give some overview what can be achieved, developed during those 6 months (period of SPS proposal).

Detailed milestones

For simplicity purpose, I will divide workload to monthly tasks. Note, these milestones may change their order but I hope it will give community ideas of tasks at hand.

  • November
    -Design mockup work for both web and mobile
    -Backend, generating data for different chart types (candles, bars, line break, heikin ashi)
    -Mobile, foundation work

  • December
    -Mobile, components implementation accordance to design mockups
    -Backend, optimization and api work for candles
    -Web, foundation work

  • January
    -Mobile, charting and wallet structure for multi-currency support
    -Backend, hivemind PR or separate plugin
    -Web, components implementation

  • February
    -Backend, indicators and other chart type data points building
    -Mobile, navigation and trading pages UI
    -Web, wallet, charts page with portfolio overview

  • March
    -Backend, SMT testnet connect and testing
    -Mobile, STEEM/SBD trading functionality
    -Web, STEEM/SBD trading functionality

  • April
    -Backend, SMT token listing and customization
    -Mobile, components for custom token trading
    -Web, custom token pairs

Bonuses if we finish majority of things before deadline, these are the things we can work on.

-Notifications, mobile, web
-Other trading indicators
-Steem-engine swap to SMT
-Quick swap/convert of any SMT to STEEM or SBD
-Blocktrades integration with BTC, ETH pairs
-Some other, community's suggestions

Afterwards, 6 month project will be re-evaluated and new proposal may be submitted depending on community request or feedback.

Approve Proposal #44


Also see:


Thank you for your support! Let's build the future together!

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Great work! Hopefully the community will really get behind this.


This rough timeframe, details of the work or tasks to deliver XSteem.

Very good 👍

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good luck and success

I really support you👍👍

Approved. 👍😎


Thanks for support!


Just a little good karma comin' back at ya. 😎

Sounds awesome and definitely something we need to strengthen our platform ! Will Xsteem has its own token ?


No plans at this point. Since it will be community funded project, community will decide if there is need for another token or not. However, project were privately funded there could be extra tokens.

Great... Approved!

Let's hope a good future.

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Yes, with SMT testnet release, we need Exchange more than ever to start testing and getting ready for big release

Sounds like a reasonable time line. I wish that I could contribute on the technical side, but my occupations are much more abstract as to participate.

Excelente! esas son buenas noticias

Good Job ; Success for Esteem. Success for Xsteem ;)

I have to hand it to you, from the launch you have continually improved it... now it's all I use on iOS. (well except now that my phone is charging). Your platform I feel is the best offering on the Steemit lineup. All the best going forward.


Thank you @kyusho! We hope we can deliver same experience with XSteem, if we gather enough support from community, we get chance to show it.

Hello dear @goodkarma. I ask you a question! I regularly use the Estееm application, but lately I have not received a vote. What should I do to successfully continue using the application? Thanks for your attention!


Hey @good-karma, with a name like yours;
I was wondering if you have a personal
philosophy on the use of downvotes?