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Resteemed by berniesanders ? I'm now curious :P

wow someone is actually doing a project. ...

xxxxxxxx my BTC address is:

I'm in! Steem is a great way to raise funding for anonymous projects that noone knows anything about.

Viva La Resistance or something.

What means of xxxxxx?

Thank goodness.

@xxxxxxxxxx sure knows how to get votes.

  ·  2년 전

Now am totally confused.

Ahh love a good mystery! Is the "funding" just from this post's payout or are you looking for direct donations?

I wanna imagine the actual project's name or purpose is hidden under all those X's. Maybe the ten X's means a ten letter word? Here's my top ten words with ten letters that it could be:

Project Randomness
Project Weedkiller
Project Prospector
Project Resilience
Project Snottiness
Project Tanglement
Project Laundromat
Project Surprising
Project Handmaiden
Project Helicopter

....? It's gotta be one of those right?


Ned could well jump on this without any more information. Such project!

Can’t wait

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