For Andrew Yang human well-being comes first

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The official campaign website of candidate Andrew Yang has just been launched ( Among the things that attract the attention of this site is the invitation to collaborate with the campaign, either financially or through participation and organization of events. There is also a development of government policies that the candidate plans to carry out. The one that stands out the most is the one that has to do with capitalism centered on the human being.


Beyond the negative comments that some governments may make to capitalism, we see how on this page, Andrew Yang and his team manage not only to talk about the benefits of this system but also to mix a capitalist vision with a system in which the human being is not only the center of development but also the most benefited. You can read it on the site:
We need to move to a new form of capitalism, human capitalism, that is oriented to maximize human well-being and satisfaction.


For the candidate the human being is above any development. In other words, if there is human development, there will be social and economic development. The human being cannot be seen as mere labor, but as heart, energy and will to bring a country forward. That is why Andrew Yang proposes 3 central lines of human capitalism:

  1. Humans are more important than money.
  2. The unity of an economy of human capitalism is every person, not every dollar.
  3. Markets exist to serve our common goals and values

This approach will not only guarantee work for each citizen, but will also make it possible to guarantee their well-being. To achieve this, they have been proposed as goals:

  • Making the economy work for Americans, not the other way around
  • Direct capital to investments to improve human well-being, not to enrich wealthier Americans
  • Create measurements around people, not dollars


On this website you can find a sketch of the country that Andrew already envisions for a future in which machines and technology are man's allies. A country where work serves to make life more successful and not more unfortunate:

Imagine an AI life coach with the voice of Oprah or Tom Hanks trying to help parents stay together or raise children. Or a new Legion of Builders and Demolitionists who install millions of solar panels across the country, upgrade our infrastructure and eliminate abandoned buildings, while employing tens of thousands of workers. Or a personalized digital education subscription that constantly brings you new material and brings you together with others who study the same thing. Or a handheld device that monitors your vital signs and sends data to your doctor while recommending occasional behavioral changes. Or vote securely in your local elections via your smartphone without worrying about fraud.


Andrew Yang is dreaming big, a better country and hopefully those dreams will come true.

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Can you provide a link that you you've shared this on Twitter / Facebook or any other social media platform?


I'll try, @theycallmedan. I haven't done it yet! ;)

For me, human liberty comes first. Well-being follows as a natural consequence of my choices if I choose wisely. If you want true human capitalism, you need real free markets, not planners, price controls, quotas, taxation, subsidies, welfare, and regulatory capture. I haven't seen Yang offer that solution, though, and he seems to present the consequences of political cronyism as a "market failure" while promising more political intervention that can only result in new cronyism.

And this post seems to be little more than a copy/paste of promotional marketeering and campaign promises. We all know how much that's really worth. Thus the downvote.