How Far Have You Reckoned Andrew Yang's "MATH" Calculation Policy?

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Hey Guys!, how far have you thought or believed in Andrew Yang's "MATH" Calculation Campaign Policy, which refers to "Make American Think Harder?" How do you even understand this "MATH" Slogan, at what rate or velocity does Andrew Yang want the Americans to think, what does he want per this MATH policy, what circumstance/state has he seen the Americans, that he wants that change, and finally what methods is he going to apply for this dream come true, or is't workable when he's elected as the Democratic President for US.

Actually, I haven't gotten what this "MATH" Slogan encompasses,
whether it explains the whole campaign policies as a unit, or every campaign policy spelt out by Yang is embedded in this "MATH' or what. But for the past one month that lwe began intensifying @yanggang-Steem Awareness Creation on Twitter Hustle, I have reckoned so many things in Yang's Campaign Policies he has given the US. This led me summarized the whole policies in "one sentence or phrase as: "Policies of Brain search or Computerized Memory," which is equivalent to the MATH Formula. So, all the polices have been fused together as "MATH." One would ask, in what way would Yang's policies make the Americans think harder? This expresses two things for our understanding: *"one, to think that whether Yang can fulfill all these policies he has mentioned; two, to feel pexplexed to see Yang fulfilling all the policies he promised us to do when he is elected as Democratic President for 2020 US Polls. It will make us to think in these two ways. It is clear that sometimes we underrate or underestimate someone and the things he is able to do when we study his state or personal background, we may consider him that he is just building a castle in the air, we will think that he is making unrealistic promises. But, surprisingly he is able to fulfill them. This demonstrates that "Character is vast different from personal background." A situation whereby you all the possessions to make living smooth but it doesn't reflect or correspond with your character, you may mess up things. And that is exactly how I see Yang, his character may make him change things whiles people still doubt him whether he fit for this Democratic Presidency.

What are the brain search, or Computerized Memory Policies-the MATH, that will the Americans think harder? Check Yang's policy of "Freedom Dividend," where every US individual gets $1,000 every month. Many people are thinking very hard how this policy is going to work, even those who are not Americans. The policy leaves everybody to calculate how possible he could finance it, since this is not one time payment, but every month. Many people I know is cracking brains, computerizing Yang's sources of assets or income even when he's gonna use the state income, for this policy he must support it with his own capital since it's not a joke sponsoring everybody even $100 a month, let to talk of $1, 000 a month. On the other hand, this policy would put people into deep thinking when Yang is elected and finally executing this promises. Many people will be surprised to see Yang being able to fulfill the idea of Freedom Dividend.

The Medicare for all, which Yang didn't exclude the private insurance users as Sanders eliminated it, but rather made it oprional. Though, not only Yang who stated Free Medicare in his policies as I have already mentioned, but we are also relating this to the differences in strength of each Presidential Candidates in this US Elections. Again many people will think deeply how Yang can finance the health centre, paying all workers meanwhile, the patience aren't going to pay any hospital bills. How even he is gonna stock the pharmeceuticals with medicines that can cater for patiences with different problems. Many people will be surprise to see Yang fulfilling this policy.

Yang mentioned how he will solve the Climatic Changes which is changing the environment. He will put in place the economical and modernised methods, where every household and family is gonna protect themselves from environmental hazards. One would say, the environmetal problems have been the wish by many Presidents who have come and gone but couldn't solve it entirely. The environment is wide and spaceous, the more you tackle to combat, the more it spread through the vacuum. Again, Yang is planning to tackle it on pallot basis, thus, from household level and graduate to community base, national base and finally to the World. This needs a lot of money and constant effort by every individual supporting you, intensifying the education to reach large number of of people. Because, as you try begin solve this side, the other side become worsen. The task to assemble all parts at the same time is what matters. But it's not strange to see Yang solving envirinmental issues very simple and easy which will let everybody to think deeply.

What I know have been also working effectively for leaders in the position of this nature is the "Character" as I mentioned already. If you have good policies your character can lead you to implement them. You can mess up things if you don't have good character. The little resources can support the good plans that you have. And that is how I see Yang and his policies if workable or not is also base on that. You can also share what you think here and via my Twitter link. Thank you.

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