My new selfmade Cake Yarn Ball for a triangle shawl - Selbstgemachter Bobbel für mein neues Dreieckstuch

2년 전


I spun this new Cake Yarn Ball for crocheting a shawl (100% cotton). The color blocks become bigger to the outside. I might use golden Lurex with it.

Diesen Bobbel aus 100% Baumwolle habe ich für ein Dreieckstuch gewickelt. Die Farbabschnitte werden nach außen hin größer. Ich denke, ich werde goldenes Lurex mit verwenden.

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What beautiful colors! I look forward to seeing how they combine in the shawl


Thank you! It is the first time that I will crochet with Cake Yarn Balls. I look forward to the end result.

So you used ready dyed roving and then spun it @creative-life ? wow.... it looks great !


Yes, I used very thin wool and spun 4 threads together. I changed only one thread at a time. So, the colour gradient is smooth.