Shapotou Tengger Desert

2년 전

The white clouds fly on the head of Shapot, the sheepskin scorpion is leisurely, standing on the long yellow sand of Shapotou. When you look up, the people on the zip line are sliding fast from my head to see them in The big flowering clouds pass through the Yellow River and reach the other end of the river. There is a kind of freedom and freedom that cannot be expressed.

The Shapotou has been longing for a long time. Shapotou is located in the southeastern margin of the Tengger Desert in the west of Zhongwei City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It is a place with great desert, yellow river, high mountains and oasis. It not only has the charm of the northwest scenery, but also It has the beauty of the scenery in the south of the Yangtze River. Just arrived at Shapotou, it was amazing, Shapotou greeted me with its usual blue sky and white clouds, but for me, it was a great surprise.

The legendary sheepskin scorpion is an ancient ferry tool preserved by the folks along the Yellow River. The sheepskin scorpion has a history of more than 300 years. It is an important part of the Yellow River culture and the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancient Han people. It is made up of a dozen tambourine goatskins, which are made of a series of processing procedures such as soaking, exposing, peeling, rinsing, salt and sesame oil. Made of fine wood frame. The sheepskin scorpions are large and small. The largest leather rafts are made of more than 600 sheepskin bags. They are 12 meters long, 7 meters wide and 6 pulps. The load is between 20 and 30 tons.

From the green woods, I suddenly saw the huge sand dunes. The people who flew in the volley, leisurely sitting in the sightseeing car slowly swaying from the sky, and laughing with the couple holding hands. Running around on the sand dunes, the happiest thing is the children. Just sit down and play for a long time.

The desert is solitary and straight, and the long river falls into the Japanese. It is a famous sentence written by Wang Wei, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty. It was written in the year 736 AD by Wang Wei of the Tang Dynasty. At that time, Wang Wei enshrined the soldiers who had won the victory in Hexi, passing through the head of Ningxia Zhongwei Shapotou, facing the magnificent scenery of the desert and the Yellow River, and could not help but sigh with passion, so he wrote a question about the bicycle. After the expedition, the levy came out of Hansai, and the geese entered Hutian. The desert was solitary and straight, and the long river fell into the sun. Xiao Guan Feng Hou riding, all guarded in Yan Ran "this famous poem.

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