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Will he be president by Monday morning, that's the question!?

I would give him my commiserations - but I can't


Love it!

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Obviously I don't think there is any one that's not looking forward to the weekend. Come on, after all week days stress and anxiety, obviously not me. Lol

He's seeing the future. Sometimes weekends seems like a speed breaker when you have many things to do.

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Hey, @sirknight ! What's the place the steem community chats, the main chat? I got a simple question, but I'm only part of the SteemDevs discord and it's probably not the right discord for a question.


And the question was simple, maybe you know it... What happened to the "Convert to STEEM" button in our wallets? I figured they went away because SBD was so high in the past, but now that it's sub $1, now would be the time to use it. It's not there, though.


Hi Ted. @jackmiller - could you please help Ted reach me at Discord. Thanks mate. SK.

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