The Days Of Reckoning : A Poetry.

3년 전

Mama's warning still ring deep
A close knit family, always win
Then came the the devil one day, tempting
Remember son, the day of reckoning.
Walking past the canyon, the thought came
Kill, bury him in this cave
Put an end to the supremacy he claimed
The days of reckoning won't be today.
Speaking in deep, over and out
Colonel won't just do this bout
All hope lost, from this mess take him out
The days of reckoning stares in the cloud.
To that little girl you raped
Have you ever thought of her name
Now, all day, she bleeds in pain
Your day of reckoning will come one day.
And the house was locked
Standing akimbo, we greeted him for naught
This man has more days to catch up in prison
His days of reckoning
An entry into @Mariannewest everyday freewrite

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Very well done my friend. Great poetry here. Thank you.