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Hello gamers and football/soccer fans!

Lately I was thinking to start a new save on Football Manager 2020 and share it here with you. As Hive is motivating me in every way possible, today I decided to start a journey to bring back Arsenal on the road of glory.

I am a big fan of FM game series and it is/will be the game I played the most in my life.

I started playing it a long time ago, in 1998. Back then, the game was called Championship Manager but due to some arguments, the game devs split in two ways. One team created a new game with the same name and the other team created Football Manager which is still played today by many gamers.

I had the best childhood memories due to this game as it created special feelings and moments. I always played it with my cousin and we were so young and excited every time we played.

Sometimes we played with two teams but most of the time, we played as one team trying to create the best team and win everything we can.

Special moments were when we picked low league team and tried to get them in Elite championsip with all the top clubs in that country. One of those teams was Torquay or something like that, a low level team in England.

As you can tell, I had a lot of fun back then. But as I grew older, I kinda started playing other games and doing other things so my FM time was a bit smaller than usually.

This year, I bought the game for the 1st time to pay my respect to game developers for providing extra special time and beautiful moments for me. The game is a bit expensive but cheap considering how much fun I had.

But, enough with the past, let's see what's going on now.


As I said, FM is lately in my mind and I know when it's like that, I'm going to play it. And, playing time happened today, on @vimm.

My favorite team is Arsenal FC and I always love to play with them and try to beat the most amazing record set by Wenger - The Invincibles.

The invincibles is the nickname of Arsenal squad when they won English Premierleague without losing a game. It was a special year and I always try to do it in FM

Believe it or not, I never made it. I was very close but something always happened. It really makes you think how hard is to achieve that, even in the game.

So, I started to play today with Arsenal FC. The first thing to do was to see who I can sell and eventually buy. My financial status was literally close to zero and I had to make moves.


I decided that I don't want Ozil as I can't see him in any of my plans. He was my main concern because his wages were around 300k per week and knowing FM, it is very hard to sell a player with big wages if they are not younger or in world class shape.

But, I had a lot of luck. I managed to sell Ozil for 35mil £ to Bayern Munich but I'll have to pay almost half of his contract even when he leaves us. It's a price to pay but I am willing to pay it to make more room for someone younger and even better for my plans.


Immediatelly after I sold Ozil, our captain Aubameyang expressed his concerns over my transfer move. He was very sad to see Ozil leave but interesting enough was that he said multiple times there is no better player to replace Ozil.

I knew that is not far from truth but my scouts were working relentlessly and I had no concerns. The only problem was my transfer budget as it was still small after Ozip left.

After searching for a perfect replacement, I scouted Luis Alberto from Lazio and realized he was more than a perfect finding.


He can play MC and AMC and he is technically sound. His work rate is not that low and he is great with free kicks and corners. After negotiating for a few time, I managed to buy him for 45mil £ and even got Aubameyang to drop concerns over Ozil.

It was a good win-win situation and it was time to start our Premiership matches. Even tho' I can't buy anymore players, I was satisfied how team looks like and was ready for a season.


I am still ready to sell Lacazette and Papastopoulous. Papa is a bit old but still great and Laca is just too good to be on the bench.


I will be playing with Tiki-Taka tactics. I want to have ball in my feet and try to work ball into box and try to play how Barca played when Xavi was God :)

I will need a great team to match my ambitions and tactical plans, but if I manage to make good results, I might have a chance to achieve that. I also cannot forget about coaches and I am constantly looking to improve training.


I think I have a 1st team in mind even tho', this can still change in a second. I have injury problems with defenders, especially right backs because Cedric got injured during the preseason.

GK - Leno (I am more than satisfied with him. German goalkeepers are always good)

DR - Bellerin (Hector is currently injured but he is in long term plans)

DC - David Luiz (He is getting old but I will use him to tutor youngsters this year and slowly give them his place in team in the next year)

DC - Pablo Mari (Pablo is on loan but it seems he will play a lot. If he plays well this year, I might buy him)

DL - Tierney (Tierney is injured but he is a young star and I can't wait for him to get back to full form)

MC - Xhaka (Xhaka is an influental and crative player in the middle of a field. I need him for now but not for a long time)

MC - Torreira/Goundeouzi (I still cannot decide between these two. I might use then when I see who I play against. It's really nice to have two good players to rotate)

AMR - Pepe (Pepe just arrived but I am sure he will be a good signing for us. He is in my long term plans)

AMC - Luis Alberto (Luis just arrived but hopfully he will make a big impact or I'm doomed)

AML - Nelson (Reiss is a youngster but I am willing to put him under pressure of playing for a 1st team. He is in my long term plans and I hope he will develop into a top class player)

ST - Aubameyang (What to say about Auba? He is my main striker but he is kinda getting old. If a right offer comes, I might consider to sell him)

This is going to be my 1st squad for this year. I have some youngsters to help me be better and some experienced ones to keep us on high level.


I've already played preseason matches and it went good. We played against small teams and won every match.

But, now Premiership is waiting and it is not going to be easy. Arsenal team needs to get together and fight for a place to get them back into Champions League. Can they do it?

Thanks for reading this introduction of my FM 2020 gameplay. I hope to make it interesting as we proceed through season.

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


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Disiz not a chjoke!

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