Summer holiday

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Heyo summer freaks! :))

I'm back home from my short summer holiday and I feel fresh and new. This time, I managed not to get back home tired but instead, I really seized last 3 days with relaxing and swimming. Just like last 2 years, it was amazing even tho' there were not that many people because of Corona, probably.

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There were 9 of us, heading from Split to Lastovo island for 3 days. The first stop was Vela Luka on Korčula island. I have a house on this island but unfortunately due to my work, I will not go there this summer.

But, being there for at least 5 minutes while changing ferries made me a bit happy. It is a special bond that I have with this island and I can't wait for the moment to go there.

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Vela Luka is a small beautiful city situated on the west side of island Korčula. As you can see it has a big port for ferries but also for yachts and other small boats. During the night, the whole shoreline turns into a party zone during the summer so if u manage to go there, stay at least for a night ;)

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After changing ferries, we headed for Ubli on Lastovo island where we took the bus to get us to Lastovo town. That's where we rented a house as we did for the last 2 years.

Lastovo town is situated on top of the small hill so it has a lot of stairs. It's not easy to go up during the day but it's so beautiful that u can easily get lost and not even feel how tired you are.

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After we arrived, it was time to go to Mihajla where we go swimm and have fun for the whole day. During the night, there is a small concert down there and a great place to meet new cool people.

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This year, I choose to skip night parties and just spend my time during the day in Mihajla and during the night on the terrace of our house.


I must admit, I am getting a bit old because I had a day of jumping in the sea doing front and back rolls and now after 3 days, my muscles hurt and I'm sore. LOL, this Corona time really got me a bit. But anyway...

On the second day, we reserved a big table in the small village near Lastovo city. It is a tradition we have and we were not going to skip it this time. We had octopus with potatoes and lamb meat and it was more than delicious. Really, the octopus was so soft and tender it just melted in your mouth.

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Homemade fresh food is something that Lastovo people are really proud of and I must totally agree with them on that one.

Well... As you know, those 3 days went by really fast. Good thing is that I managed to relax and get some rest. My job is starting tomorrow and I'm lucky to spend these last days like this.

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Nature in Croatia is more than beautiful and it always fills you up somehow. I really can't wait to go somewhere else again if my job lets me. It is a slim chance but hey, I wouldn't mind :P

Until then, I hope you'll have a great holiday. Go party, have fun but don't forget to relax a bit. We all need it :)

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


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