El Feather Yoga @ The Washington Monument in DC

3년 전


This was a really fun and somewhat challenging shoot to do. My husband is the one behind the camera and we find ourselves being creative in all sorts of places :)

These shots were taken at the Washington Monument in DC, it was a fairly busy day (as it seems to always be in DC) but you wouldn't necessarily know it by the photos. Hence the challenging part.. getting shots without a ton of tourists in the background 😂I feel it was a great success and we had a lot of fun with it!

The Yoga Practice is daily, these photos are a form of creative expression. Yoga, Movement, and the Body is Art!

Much love, thanks for checking out my space 🙏~Namaste




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wow so nice pic and i like yoga


THank you! I like yoga too 🤣

I was also there few days ago :)


No way! So cool 😂

Wow... I rather like the whole idea of "Yoga as art!" I was just following the "art" tag around and unexpectedly ended up here... very nicely done!


Thank you! Was just checking out your feed, some really cool art there! Following along!

There is really an amazing community of creatives here on this platform, glad to be a part of this :)

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Really wonderful! you are great!