Yoga in Nature ~ Charlottesville Rivana River Tail ~ Lizard, Grasshopper, Pincha ~ El Feather Yoga

3년 전

These poses/shots are from a challenge I did awhile back in my hometown of Charlottesville VA. This is along the Rivana River Trail.

There is something very special about doing Yoga outdoors/in nature. Your entire being feels the connection to whats around you as everything is filled with life.

Most of the poses below are not part of my daily Ashtanga practice, however, it is always a fun and exciting challenge to try something new! Please feel free to give one of these a try the next time you are on your mat. As always modify if/when you need to and feel free to comment with any questions!

Lizard Lunge


Downward Facing Dog ~ Adho Mukha Svanasana


W/ Extended Leg

Pincha Mayurasana w/ straight legs


Grasshopper Pose Parsva Bhuja Dandasana


Grasshopper Pose Variation


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Wow. Incredible pose.that's rihht. There is something about nature that makes you feel satisfied and humble. I can feel your energy and positivity. I am pregnant at the moment and thinking to practice pregnancy yoga.

Thank you for sharing your poses.


Thank you! I'm glad we both share natures satisfying touch :) can't deny.

That's wonderful & congratulation!! Yoga for pregnancy is really beneficial from what I hear of friends who have practiced while pregnant. Depending on your practice you may find certain poses to be a bit much, and in those cases simply modify are skip them in the sequence altogether. It will be amazing to feel the practice while carrying a little one along for the ride.

Best to you!

Now that is really flexible of you! I used to practiced Yoga for a year and I'm such a beginner! Still have much to learn. I could see your muscles just by looking at this picture =) wow


Thank you! Yoga is something I've found to have always been with me, although I didn't know that was what it was called ;) I was an active child growing up and loved things like gymnastics and running. Now that I've been practicing yoga regularly for the majority of my adult life I find its the balance I needed. The other physical activities/sports eventually dropped away and Yoga is now a part of me.

We all are beginners really. Keep at it, with practice all come. That's why we call it a yoga practice. Every day we come to our mat we practice. Some days go well and others not so much, its all progress.

Many thanks for the comment 🙏

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