RE: Important YouAreHOPE Foundation Announcement - HUGE GROWTH ORIENTED CHANGE OCCURRING

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Important YouAreHOPE Foundation Announcement - HUGE GROWTH ORIENTED CHANGE OCCURRING

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Where Im from, influence means people listen to another person talking.

idle accounts, witness or not, have no influence. tried to solve this for social for a long time and kept failing and died.

Activity and user response to it indicates influence, but as a long time user who actually KNOWS the people in your top 100 and can see who is active and and influencing others or the platform?

The algorithm needs some work.

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Thank you for your feedback. I will replace idle witnesses by their active accounts. Let's see how the top100 is changing (computation takes a day).


Sounds like a step... but then spot check your list. You'll see the holes. I have my site down now, but dead follows and followers are another big thing. My tool shows that on average only about 27% of peoples followers are even still on the platform at all.

The point is, scores like these, including our reps, are just kinda pointless. We know who is active, because we see and hear them. Your list is currently full of silent and secondary accounts. Rather see you burning brain cells making something useful to the platform and community.

I remember Klout, and understand what they're trying to do. Definitely gonna take a lot of tweeking to represent a fair 'UA' score. Do I have to pee in a cup? Lmao


Am I being detained?