RE: Important YouAreHOPE Foundation Announcement - HUGE GROWTH ORIENTED CHANGE OCCURRING

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Important YouAreHOPE Foundation Announcement - HUGE GROWTH ORIENTED CHANGE OCCURRING

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I appreciate where you are going, but you kinda are asking, does the blockchain do blockchain stuff, here. And it might be best to understand how that works first.

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I understand , but it's the accountability I was inquiring about..The destinations etc.
(currency exchanges for example, could be easily abused or misdirected..).

I'm not having a go at your charity, it's the whole 'charity' thing I am looking at, with a very cynical eye.(which is good, not bad, if everything is as it should be of course).

Every 'charity' I have contacted to date, to ask questions about these kinds of things - are nothing but evasive , and not transparent...


But this is kinda the point of YAH, that's literally impossible here. That's why it's hard for me to articulate an answer other than because blockchain because, well, blockchain.

It's pretty hard to get something past 50,000 observant global daily users concerned about their money on a blockchain.


Ok, let me dig into some YAH things (tomorrow, not today) to illustrate my points - and let me play devils advocate with it, by asking some pointed questions.
Like I say this is about nailing details down, not nailing YAH to the cross!

It might be productive for YAH to..

Speak to you later, matey!


I'm not opposed, it seems a little silly, because I'm still not hearing confidently that you understand how the block chain sort of invalidates your line of questions completely, and I'll add I am primarily concerned with satisfying our actual donors, who are largely repeating their donations and are quite satisfied with their first hand access during all operations, so um, have fun reading records of every transaction ever?


However I'll answer questions, but I'll refer you to this video

The dozens of hours of archived transparent townhall shows.

the hundreds of chronological posts

the thousands of transparently chained transactions.

the delivery reports

the thankful thursday reports.

Count the repeat donors while you're in there, for sure.

Feel free to join them :)