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Your self upvote is flagged by The-Resistance team using the WE-RESIST bot.
We will be resisting with a team, stronger each day, unless you stop downvoting innocent people.

To your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance


That is all we need !

Haters gonna say its photoshopped.


I agree with you


hollaa .... plz suscrie me and vote for me ..thank youuuuuuu

I'm about to say fuck it and join him, then what are ya'll gonna do?

Whip out a chart, draw some lines on it, craft a sensationalistic headline to reel in the greedy, make claims that the market is either going to go up or down, and watch the rewards pour in.


Wait... yeah. 'Nuff said.

this is one of the loophole in STEEMIT that we need to take a drastic action to those abusive whale.

I think this is a business field, where the rich want to take advantage of the steemit system. and this is a sure thing in the business world .. I think very few rich people who want to share the money for free ... I as a small fish apologize if my comments are wrong .. But that's what I often see.


rando i'm waiting for your awake kindly come back

i'm waiting for rando awake sir how long you still sleeping?

How are we supposed to fight his bot which provides each post with $150+ rewards? My 0.05 to .14 cent vote won't do much to any of his posts.

Also he has a higher rep than I do so flagging will do very little. I would be less annoying than a fly.


This war will be won by a guy with bigger gun.


So there are multiple things you can do, and as mobbs has pointed out, there is flagawhale.

First, have your heard the expression "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." well while this won't be true in terms of voting strengths (due to linear rewards) it is true in another aspect. If we had 1000 people flagging these posts with a diverse set of MV (or SP) then there would be no way for haejin/rancho/done/btu...etc to flag everyone backwithout destroying their VP to near 0.

Healing factor: Because they will likely concentrate their flags to the people that either A: spam more, or B: hold more SP then everyone can work together to counteract the flag and only vote enough to counteract a flag (as a reaction) in terms of both value and rep. Thus if they had happened to flag a smaller user, we could repair the damage.

Lets say we had 750 minnows with 0.00-3.47 dollar vote and lets say the average vote amongst all of them was 0.12 meaning the minnows could effective take or give $90 worth of votes, I know that is nothing compared to the whales but in the group there will be whales, and dolphins all working together and honestly, every bit helps.

I don't know, its a thought.


I just joined the friendsofgondor steemauto curation trail. Is there a service I can join to autoflag people.


dude, that's like a start of a drama. steemit downvote war or something?


We are in the same boat dude. I just don't have the ammo.


Come on man don’t sell yourself short ;) you gotta Believe in yourself.


Time to get your rep up.


hollaa .... plz suscrie me and vote for me ..thank youuuuuuu


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Your Reputation Could be a Tasty Snack with the Wrong Comment!

Thank You! ⚜


hollaa .... plz suscrie me and vote for me ..thank youuuuuuu

I will say this... I used to watch his Elliot Wave analysis videos, and I don't think he has been correct on a single prediction so far... HAHAHA

This might help to get the picture...

No. Please... No.

I can totally understand your frustration @berniesanders. I have followed you for a long time and I vote for you as a witness too.

Like I have said many times before, when I've felt "forced" to explain why I vote for you and why I believe you truly are one of the good guys on Steemit:

I do not personally agree with 100% of the things you do, but I still believe that what you are doing, is your way of protecting Steemit and your investment. You have many times been an inspiration even though I would've done things differently from time to time.

Despite all the hate and the anger one often feel when reading your posts... You are a good guy. You are trying to protect your investment and you're doing what you believe is for the greater good. Not for yourself but for the entire platform.

I have read many comments regarding your self votes and the bot votes you buy to highlight certain issues and to reward your posts... But I also feel that I know why you are doing it, so I have never had any problems with that at all. I also know that you often lose money by doing that. So you're basically investing more money even though you get a negative ROI. You continue with this approach because you believe in Steemit. You see potential and that is why I believe you are doing what you do.

Do not back down from this. I beg you. You and @fulltimegeek along with many others will win the battle against the cave troll.

I hope you're not being serious
we need peoples like you :(

It's really hard to fight a war where people shoot each other with assault rifles, rocket launchers and tactical nukes when you're only equipped with a toothpick. I really wish I had more influence around here, as I'd really put an effort towards making this place what it was meant to be in the first place, but as of now there's not much I can do other than try to slowly grow and become more influential over time.

You got my vote for witness and my support for projects like the Abuse Reports and if I'll ever end up buying post promotion I'll probably do it with randowhale. Meanwhile I'll try my best to pile up some Steem while talking about the issues we're facing as much as I can to hope fully spread awareness..?

It's just a long and steep climb to master.


We gotta shove that toothpick up his dickhole, that makes a assault rifle worthless 😎

Ow God know!
I hope you're not being serious
We need more people like you here on Steemit
Please don't give up the fight, for the sake of our platform, wish I could aid in this fight 😐


It seems to me @berniesanders that you and @grumpycat are having an effect. You now have several whale accounts making post about it, and several witnesses making post about the issues also, so you are definitely having an effect. You are drawing all the hypocrites out of the woodwork. If people take the time to look they will find. People who supposedly care about the reward pool, and the amount of self upvoting, all the while upvoting their own crap post, and crap comments. The resistance group, Your self upvote is flagged by The-Resistance team while at the same time upvoting their own comments, so like I said you are having an effect, even if that is only showing and pulling the hypocrites out of the woodwork.


I really hope you don't do as haejin and others do, for what it is worth i genuinely appreciate what you do here...


Maybe they will when wanking each other off is less profitable and/or when haejin and co. have milked the donkey dry.


I think is a fantastic initiative that could eventually lead to something


I can imagine how demotivating it must be to fight this sheit alone, or with little to no whale back up, it's ridiculous nobody else steps up to help fight this, we will all be resposible for the downfall when it comes,
But your efforts are highly apreciated nonetheless, even if it all goes to shit, at least you tried..
If you can't beat them, join them,
I can allmost agree.. allmost 😊


Minnows are essentially working for the whales now.


I say go for it, the hard fork is supposed to come soon, right? Build up some more cash reserves while steem and sbd are still above a dollar dude, you can always fight him later, but if he has more in the tank in fiat equivalent ready to go when prices are low then he can potentially just buy in with even more steem and SP later down the road. I'm sure you've already accounted for that but that's just my 2%.


Don't give up @berniesanders , you have a lot of people counting on you!

Yeah I understand where you come from and everything, and thats life I guess. So many of the wrong people are getting rewarded for the wrong things, such as @craig-grant and @trevonjb. I mean hell, it's confirmed they are scammers, and guess what? They're probably gonna go to jail. But for a long time they were getting a shit ton of money for scamming people by trying to get people to join bitconnect or whatever the ponzi scheme was. And for a long ass time @craig-grant was getting loads and loads of money by self voting and abusing the system.

( I know a lot of people may argue differ), but most of the whales on here act like douchy scumbags who only upvote themselves and maybe upvote a friend once in the blue moon. But my point is, steemit is being abused wayyyy too much by whales, scammers, spammers, and just novice steemians.

But nevertheless, All platforms ahve their own problems, and thats all part of life. The best thing to do is to flag them and raise awareness, but dont put too much time and energy into it because it is really all a bunch of negativity.

I really like how you have the balls to call out and stand up to all of the steemit abusers and scumbags, most people are too scared to get flaggged down, but you sir, are brave enough to stand up for the platform, so kudos to you ;)

Stay positive, steem on!

~ @alex-icey

Before, I didn't not realize what is really the point of your reactions to @haejin, @jerrybanfield. But as soon as I dealing with more people in steemit, I get your point. Richer people becoming more rich because people tend to do whatever it takes to get more upvotes but at the end of the day, it is really not fair! You are great @berniesanders! Thanks for standing beyond other criticisms.


I am in this knowledge path as well. steemit is a good way to change the world, we need to respect each others and the reward pool we all depend on

sharing is caring :)

@berniesanders I'm not sure I understand, are you saying someone out there is making super deep sweet love to a Donkey 🤔 ✨

I can understand your frustration man. No whales care a damn about it, sadly!

Upvoted. Just because you care!

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Explain is he plagiarism $

just say do not waste your time fella

I absolutely did not understand. I thought this guy was good and now he's bad. All this fighting and confusion has warranted my prayer for this situation. I just voted for this person but I have morals and I have little steem ....unfollowing all involved :(

Very good

Seeing how shit has hit the fan, in case you do join him, um, you know...could you be my ranchorelaxo? <3

Please don't give up.

This is just sad. One of the biggest flaws of steemit, is that anyone can profit and play with the system, if they invested the right amount of money (read: A LOT.)

Hope the fight between you both ends on a positive note. Though it doesn't seem likely at all.


Oh, forgot to say the most important part:

I'm about to say fuck it and join him, then what are ya'll gonna do?

I don't think that would be a good idea, If you must then just ignore him. But I admire how you fight for your vision of steemit, I admire your followers (they all wish you never give up.) I don't want to be part of the fight, but do what you believe in.

steemit should take action against these violations. I am really unhappy. 😔

  ·  2년 전

You are very brave to talk.... Oh my God..Hope you are not serious @berniesanders

wow... i think it is a valuable post and i impressed to see your post and waiting for your next post.....

Hello! I am very new to steemit and I cant get my posts up. I cant seem to be sharing my content, I made HunterCat to analyse crypto related news on the internet and analyse them weekly, hoping to provide a macro level view of the market, and build a more well informed community. I hope that you guys can help out a new guy and comment and give feedback as I want to be creating better content in the future.. hopefully we can dispel all the negativity and the bad stuff around soon! Lets create our own content in our own space and share it with the world! be safe and happy guys! see you all around =)

I like your post, thank you very much, you write real life cases I envy you comrade. as you get so much to collect votes open secret

Sorry, I don't know that I can do much to help you here. Bad situation.

Don't do that, don't join him... You are not alone in this, there are a lot of people thinking the same as you do. And by the way, your comment section looks much better than his. If you scroll to his comment section you will see only people shilling in order to receive an upvote (by mistake or something) and bots and people who actually understand what it's happening cursing on him.

well i dont knw what to say

He is upset laban besh. Keep fighting friend. Hahahaha

Hi guys,I there is alot of things being said about people name here.but i've been trying to see whats going on but theres so much being said and i still cant find what or how they are scamming.Is more about upvoting big on your own im abit knew and trying to catch up.Interesting tho :)

I just joined Steem, this is my very first comment and this is the first post I saw. I read through some of the comments here and feel like I'm getting some of what's going on, but I don't feel like I fully understand the factors at play here at all. Is there anywhere I can go to read up on these issues?


Better to just go here:
and if you aren't interested, or find nothing in "community", select or type in any other tag that might interest you.

Why go down this dark rabbit hole.

But if you STILL really want to know, my last two posts on my blog @public-eye may explain it almost well enough for you.

Take care

  ·  2년 전

Might be a good idea to bring awareness to the problem. 30 day campaign with 10 posts per day at 100% self vote(from all sources). In addition max out as many bots as you can with SBD.

When you are done making the point you could distribute all proceeds to minnows as you see fit. The Steemit Robin Hood they will call you!

That is why minnows are still minnows because the sharks don't want to share. I'm new here and still amaze of how things work to get bigger upvotes with the whales.

Here are 2 big reasons why I think Steemit is a failure,

  1. The upvote system is broken and flawed with its architecture and design. As a result we see the same whales appear in trending everyday. @haejin clogs up half the feed with his posts. The articles that people find the most interesting never appear in the trending category because it's been hijacked by huge whales with voting bots (sybil attacks). Other huge whales who could potentially correct this never engage or curate. Somebody like @ned or @dan should be out everyday curating good content - but they never do. They are lazy and inactive users. All @dan ever does is withdraw money all day long, it's just a bank account for him. If he really cared about this platform he would hire people to use his account to curate content or police bad players.

  2. Immutability isn't desirable. Censorship is needed just like an immune system is needed. People want censorship but they desire rational and fair censorship. People also want self censorship and an ability to delete old posts or fix spelling errors.

That's my feedback after a year here, thanks for listening. Good luck @berniesanders.


Censorship is needed just like an immune system is needed. People want censorship but they desire rational and fair censorship

and then we can call it facesteem? lololol

On top of this ongoing situation I can't help but notice a butt load of new accounts created in the last couple of days all delegating the exact amount of steem power somewhere(approx. 14.510 each).
Please don't join him @berniesanders

I have been reading a few of your latest posts and while I am fairly new. I really have no idea what the problem is? @haejin is doing? ..... what wrong?


My last two posts on @public-eye explain it.

@berniesanders you absolutely should post 10 post a day and upvote to the max. I will even upvote too. It's the only way you are gonna be able to keep up with the SP rancho and haebitch are constantly gaining. Just make some shitty TA like he does.

I didn't realize that @haejin was hijacking content. I am totally against imitators who use other peoples original content to gain popularity. How can one person compete with someone who is drawing from literally dozens of sources. How can this be allowable?! Please keep up the good work. We will have to self-police the community until an update can be made to reduce content hijacking, especially by bots. I do hope that steemit is trying to resolve this issue and implement a system that will penalize such users. I know that David Hay mentioned having an imposter that makes more off of his videos than he does. This is just not right!

If Bernie goes rougue he becomes the ghost in the machine that destroys it. Hit that power down button just in case.

Agree. The amount of upvotes for posting shit advise is insane.
Problem is that he started in the bull market, and when everything goes up, and you call it, then you will get a following of people hoping to get rich fast.

You have a following of people as well. That you can post one line and get a payout like this, is also a bit insane, but that’s how Steemit works.

You can contribute to the community or not and make money.

Perfect your post?

only SMTs can save us...or EOS lol


Or a hard reset.
Not something funny, I know.
But it would create a better spread of Steem among a larger pool of users.

Don’t give up. You made me open up my 👀 eyes to allot of abuse here. I might suggest gather help. I mean how can I help ? I see this as a platform for change. For third world, women and just anyone against current system.
But I’m new and trying, so many people with your values struggle how can we create a movement ? We need more power. Might I suggest focusing 50/50 on flagging and the other on helping your core group of followers ? Get stronger if we all grow, your grow and your efforts. But what do you think ? How can we help ?

shit posts from @haejin

What to do though @berniesanders? I am a minnow. I just don't have the ammo to challenge these guys.

Why so serious!!!
Beyond evil there is insanity....
And beyond insanity there is

Can't deny he offers some interesting elliot wave analysis in most of his posts. What's the problem with this user?


Too much Steem allocated to users who don't create sufficient content. Creates a bad ecosystem for Steem.


To be honest, I've been watching this drama play out for awhile and the issue here isn't I think the fact that they're getting 'too much steem' it's that people aren't being very selective with their upvoting.

Whenever I see them I upvote the nice voting guilds like @Curie who search for small users to upvote and give them some help. That's something that can be quite easy for people to do in order to counter the whales who are abusing the system with upvote bots.

A solution realistically already exists, people just need to stop the complaining and put their weight behind these sorts of accounts instead of being bitchy and getting into a flag war.


How true. Youtube just updated their monetization, so it is much more difficult to get in. STEEM might do the same, cos we're all gonna post shi..tty content.


@luiggih he has the 23th most powerful whale in steemit as a personal voter, that whale only vote on his posts


that whale is called ranchorelaxo

There’s so many bullshit posts getting huge valuations for nothing. We need to get some real journalists, and traders on here. Then shift the support over rather than flag!

nothing really but to sit and watch

There are far more pathetic unwanted posts then haejin. flag them.

Lol I am dying... Love the trending post!!! Upvoted X10

Basically only he himself and his buddy are voting for him...that is very counterable...@gandalfthebrown, @fultimegeek, @sneak, @thejohalfiles and many other wealthy users are fighting back and succeeding to an extent. When you yourself join the fight his rewards are 0! That is a great success imo...The fight is very winnable and you’re obviously not alone in it:)


If you have as many Steem as him, then it's verry easy to create a few fake upvote bots.


? he can only work with the SP he has anyway...the quantity of accounts is irrelevant


But is becomes harder to figure out who is who.

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Sometimes you have the role of a fool to fool the fool who think.they are fooling you... 💀💀💀

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Hi @berniesanders. I have created the Steemitnopoly - monopoly for steemit, and you are one of the protagonists of this game in the "community chest" cards! I hope you check it out.

I thought steemit was decentralized platform, how these people are being able to monopolized its reward pool.


Everyone can allocate new Steem according to their stake. It's not monopolized.