Top3 Contest - December - Holiday Movies


Time flies.......

A new month already! Not only that but it's the final month of the year. My goodness time has moved fast. It feels like yesterday when your Top3 panel were chatting about their favourite movies and then came up with the initial idea for the Top3 contest. Nine months later and here we are. Still going strong and growing rapidly.

To all of the wonderful Top3 community, thank you so much for your participation and effort. We appreciate you so much. To everyone, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year; if you celebrate both, but wherever you are, I wish you good health and happiness.

No brainer

So, to my choices for this month's contest. My family have stuck with a tradition for December and we have stuck with it pretty rigidly. Team cheese4ead are pretty stubborn! Lol. The first weekend in december we have christmas tree day. Mrs cheese4ead gets up early and prepares a stew to go in the slow cooker. We get the tree and all of the decorations out of storage, choose a hat to wear and get to work. Of course the christmas tunes come on. I'm a big fan of the classics and my daughter likes some of the more modern stuff but generally we listen to anything and everything remotely related to christmas.

Tree up and lights on and tinsel strewn everywhere, you can't help but feel festive. One of our traditions from our travels has been to buy an item for the tree from lots of places around the world, so the tree is rather full! Time for the dumplings to go into the stew and for the pre meal nibbles, like peanuts and twiglets. The final job is to place the fairy on top of the tree. This is jaime's job. Going back a few years I used to have to lift her up to get top the top but my little girl is now a, not so little, 16 year old and she can reach it all on her own.

Choice number 1

Stew, dumplings and movie time. The stew is piping hot and smells so good. We sit down in front of the TV and watch The Polar Express as we are eating. This movie is definitely magical for kids and adults alike. The animation is first class and the sound; especially if you have a cinema surround set up, is amazing. We all want the first gift of Christmas.

We finish up the day with a trip to the Christmas market in front of the Palace of the People in Bucharest. Vin Fiert (hot wine) or hot chocolate is the choice of drink and maybe a Kurtos to share.

After the market we go back home for some mince pies and a few drinks. That is Christmas tree day.

Choice 2

At some time during December, when we can fit it in, we watch Home Alone. It is such a classic movie. Macaulay Culkin plays such a fantastic role. I now cannot hear 'I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas' without visualising Kevin singing it into the mirror. Even the deodorant spray noise fits in.

Joe Pesci is so different to most of his other movies. I tried to explain to to Jaime what a frightening and unpredictable character he plays in Goodfellas and Casino as opposed to the dopey guy with the golden tooth. A Christmas must!!

Choice 3

This is not only my favourite Christmas movie but one of my favourite movies, full stop. Bill Murray at his comic genius best. Based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I watch this movie on Christmas eve every year, with my brother, if possible. Jaime has now joined in the fun and watches it with me.

So there you go. Christmas a la cheese4ead.

If you like the l;ook of the contest and would like to join in the check out the main post here.

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It's nice to read about your family Christmas day tradition. It looks like a day to really look forward to as a family. That dumpling stew sounds really good too. YUM! :)


It's really yummy and perfect for the cold weather.

Some really great choices! I think we're going to see a lot of Christmas Carol inspired choices, too. Awesome!



Agreed. It's such a brilliant concept to base a story on. Scrooged is pure genius though.

Love the traditions! That's one thing I do miss now that I am an adult and many years from living at home--my sisters and I would always help my mom put the ornaments on the tree. Of course she would get the tough stuff up like lights and ribbons on first, but then we would swoop in to adorn it with our favourites. There would inevitably always be an argument over who got to put on a few of the best ones. My personal top choice was the Winken, Blinken and Nod one. ;)

I'm totally in the spirit just thinking about you all sitting down with a warm bowl of goodness and watching those flicks! Some great choices for sure, but even more great memories!


Thanks Katie. It's all about the memories. We do stick to our habits and traditions. Christmas tree day for us this year is Saturday (tomorrow) and the mother in law gets to share it too. Should be fun.


Yay for the tree! I'm sure you'll have a blast getting it up as always. :)

Awesome choices...

There's so many too choose from that its hard picking just three. I think Home Alone will be a slam dunk on the poll. I completely forgot about the Polar Express. I may have to give that one a rewatch this season.



Thanks mate. Home Alone is such a good movie and should be a contender. Scrooged might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's personally, one of my all-time favourites. The Polar Express is beautiful and well worth another crack.

Cheers for the beer!

Hey @cheese4ead, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

Wicked cool choices, @cheese4ead!

@tipu curate


Thank you @traciyork

I try my best! 😁

ooooh i love me some bill murray scrooged is a goodie


One of the best ever, I think. 😁

Haha awesome stuff Gaz! Love the day out you took us on here with the first film! We don't get our tree up for another week so it's still not quite Christmas yet in the Havey household!

Home Alone is now popping up all over the place and rightly so, superb film and a timeless classic, along with the many different versions of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". Polar Express is a great call as well, wonder if anyone else will take the bait on that one! Think it will be a close contest this month but whatever happens, it's a great way to start feeling all festive!

Catch you in the spreadsheets haha!


Tell me you have seen Scrooged! If not, make that your next Christmas movie and tell me what you think. It really is one of my favourite movies. Bill Murray is in Ghostbusters form and the cast and performances are hilarious.


I've not seen it mate 😱 once our tree is up and I can fully engage Xmas mode, I'll have to whip up these films. Got a time machine to make days 48 hours long? 😁

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I'm sorry I missed this when you posted it, @cheese4ead. These are great choices. Well, I can't vouch for Scrooged, actually, because I have never seen it. But now on your recommendation, I will!