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Youtube is the world's largest online video website. Youtube is owned by Google. Youtube
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18 October: Problems at Youtube
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Youtube reports

@AmitMnath @mrtechsingh @youtube hd video app is not working. can you please share the working version?
2018-10-23 06:22:18

@DolshtaWaleed @teamyoutube menu bar and youtube gaming bar heavy and lag and fully stopped and delay and not work correctly
2018-10-23 06:20:44

@iEXPgames having some youtube problems, 1 sec guys!
2018-10-23 03:09:58

@kerosne seeking a fake boyfriend to start a youtube channel bc i’m broke and college not working
2018-10-23 02:20:42

@OctaMayoYT why can't i connect to my youtube channel? anyone else having this problem?
2018-10-23 01:35:18

@ubombogirl @lucispaulding not working for me on youtube but is on ustream...why?...who knows!
2018-10-23 01:03:55

@karenjane16ka @mick_w58 @youtube have a good evening mick ❤ even if your working, hope not too bad
2018-10-22 20:30:38

@BTSMagicIn18 @lovinjoonsmaze @bts_twt yea, but that was pre youtube problems!
2018-10-22 20:25:47

@TroubbleGumTV also restream to #youtube didn't work as there seems to be some issue when using "stream now" with @restreamio :/
2018-10-22 19:25:13

@BohemianBoujee in this day of youtube and the internet. there’s no excuse for anyone who can’t cook at all. they just wilingingly want to be incompetent.
2018-10-22 17:33:45

@Scubasue88 @dr1ven_ind @youtube bummer won’t load “ copyright issues” blah blah thanks for trying!
2018-10-22 16:13:54

@Sws_Wolfy anyone else having problems with youtube saying it can't connect to youtube right now? or is it just happening on xbox?
2018-10-22 15:58:34

@Xx_Timhorton_xX @chaosxsilencer @h2odelirious he has some issues with youtube atm :( can't wait for @teamyoutube to fix it
2018-10-22 15:28:56

@QueenLanii uhm is youtube not working rn
2018-10-22 15:24:01

@theChaoticFreak so i can watch youtube videos but i'm lucky if i can even log in to netflix??? is this a netflix issue or a me issue???
2018-10-22 15:08:11

@lasithawattale @youtube hey
2018-10-22 11:40:32

@itsJakeWilley @nobettafeta bedtime youtube distraction truly is a global issue.
2018-10-22 07:36:35

@kurlinse @chuks_coc @highbeebabs @krakstv please go and youtube and search fifa glitch... you'd cry for fifa
2018-10-22 06:06:44

@whiskermisterMC anyone elses youtube not working ? or is mine just being dumb
2018-10-22 01:23:10

@DMcockiner @youtube are your servers offline again?
2018-10-22 00:48:46

@tbearde @michael_fabiano @youtube link not working fabs
2018-10-22 00:04:25

@Shane65382362 @teamyoutube my youtube is not working
2018-10-21 23:53:14

@ericastwilight is youtube giving anyone any problems?
2018-10-21 23:43:34

@vapgodeon @crazyblox_dev @youtube can you fix the ladder in gloomy manor. and fix the skin tone glitch in the game including map test?
2018-10-21 22:49:17

@ivo_se what am i supposed to do, go on youtube talk about my problems?
2018-10-21 22:40:51

@covertify my internet is bad right now, so there will be no stream on youtube like i said
2018-10-21 21:46:45

@Super_man_2018 @lyricoldrap dung no i mean dug no i mean dam youtube is not working a again lol
2018-10-21 21:12:04

@Shelby67GT @new_legal_ @youtube @rajmangaminghd that is the problem. they have never owned anything else to compare it to. blind hatred...
2018-10-21 20:51:46

@allaicos @nelsonchamisa @youtube president the way you articulate issues is just mxaa...long live peoples hope!
2018-10-21 20:24:51

@vanessasketch another weekend, another session of youtube not working on firefox but works everywhere else.
2018-10-21 20:13:19

@Sugarlimeblue @2tallrob @youtube yes we are exploring live broadcasting....having some issues with youtube
2018-10-21 18:35:08

@Jolt_Energy @susanwojcicki @youtube i have a problem with my youtube red not working.
2018-10-21 18:10:48

@ROWANCLAWHOUSE why is youtube not working for me.
2018-10-21 18:10:06

@MrMan2602 @teamyoutube i'm having issues with my youtube premium
2018-10-21 17:57:58

@HypoPiano it's been so long, i can't figure out how to log in to my youtube channel. ehhh i'll figure it out. eventually. d;
2018-10-21 17:25:55

@raysa_peguero @analyticsexo @weareoneexo sm youtube have issues!
2018-10-21 16:26:50

@LiamWolverton1 @teamyoutube i am having problems with my youtube account and every time i try to sign back into it it’s not letting me.
2018-10-21 15:47:31

@Got_Connection due to technical issues we were not able to live stream today. we'll be posting a video to the youtube channel when we are able.
2018-10-21 15:19:14

@Ayushma05051231 @carryminati @sanjaychandak95 @youtube no there is not this type of issues
2018-10-21 07:56:25

@Shriya0019 hey @youtube i think my youtube is broken. it is not working
2018-10-21 06:59:52

@leslie_julianne hey @teamyoutube can you help me out. for some reason, my youtube audio seems to not be working.
2018-10-21 05:05:52

@seesawyoonie is youtube broken again or is mine just messing up
2018-10-21 04:54:09

@IDreamOfSweeney hey @youtube i'm having a strange issue with my account
2018-10-21 02:23:20

@Hudson95MCCP @teamyoutube hey, i’m experiencing some issues with youtube premium. could you help me out?
2018-10-21 01:04:31

@DankCatOfDoom @teamyoutube @youtube hey can you help please i seem to have a problem with my youtube premium
2018-10-21 00:34:17

@ebinlaw @teamyoutube i am having issues with youtube premium, help
2018-10-21 00:00:38

@Marvel_Fan81 @birdybear64 hey is youtube not working for you too?
2018-10-20 23:21:38

@ProxiesOnlyHere @pleasantkenobi @themanasource @rhyshinsleyblah @mtggoldfish @youtube @momabbieburger it wouldn't have issues if you were its daddy.
2018-10-20 22:38:57

@realphildabney1 @spikepage @grannydeepsea @youtube @miller_o0a0o @kcconyers a subject i have studied in detail in my spare time. a 47.5 hour delay factor
2018-10-20 22:10:03

@bayytheshayys @teamyoutube can you help me? my youtube seems to not be working
2018-10-20 21:53:26

@mdude33 why is ublock not working on youtube properly (and also porn sites)
2018-10-20 21:00:44

@Missy7308 @thejenntracker youtube is causing so many problems.
2018-10-20 20:37:49

@1carolinagirl @spookyhollow my youtube not working today
2018-10-20 18:51:46

@ellalentini we have a recording of our first stream and are working on posting it either to twitch or youtube
2018-10-20 18:33:39

@antwanferguson0 @itsshake4ndbake @youtube anyone else having a problem where the heat check cards that are on fire still normally rated?
2018-10-20 18:32:49

@circuitstatic apologies, there seems to be an issue with youtube after the outage, but i am still on twitch
2018-10-20 18:12:20

@MadisonEiler @youtube how can i contact your customer service? i’m having an issue with view count and some videos not being visible.
2018-10-20 16:19:35

@jsexplosion ok now youtube saying the audio not working. this just happening to me?
2018-10-20 15:48:32

@ChelseaAkers992 @moesargi @the_alih youtube is not working again or is it just me
2018-10-20 15:42:06

@SherriBunch49 @kensingtonroyal @invictussydney @youtube not working
2018-10-20 15:37:22

@ixn72 @youtube ummm youtube is not working on my phone what happened? is there a problem again?
2018-10-20 13:15:47

@code_withme @sanjaychandak95 @youtube @carryminati no issues on my ios youtube app. @sanjaychandak95 try offloading the app/reinstalling
2018-10-20 13:01:30

@Matty__e anyone having issues with youtube loading on there desktops. i put in the url and it does nothing. any thoughts?
2018-10-20 12:53:31

@ajithhunter10 @sunpictures youtube crash anathu.... youtube owner theriuma..... avaloo periyea server epadi crash avau..... konjam explain panugha....
2018-10-20 07:25:40

@MedoElhaj @nasajpl @nasamoon has something to do with youtube outage.
2018-10-20 07:06:54

@tree_emo anyone else’s youtube not working again?
2018-10-20 06:48:30

@gmmgxd_ @abscbnsports @iwant youtube live is not working
2018-10-20 06:02:56

@brokehampster @teamyoutube hey i'm currently having a problem with my youtube red subscription
2018-10-20 03:18:40

@rm2kdev #youtube has an outage all users affected sends out opt-in form for credit rather than crediting all users by default? um? @youtube
2018-10-20 03:16:07

@black_defcon @teamyoutube hey, how come the ps3 youtube app isn't working?! it will not update at all?! the current version is 3.03?!
2018-10-20 03:13:24

@bridgyspace @letsrabbit i can't get youtube or anything to work in my room, have you been experiencing issues with servers?
2018-10-20 02:16:36

@Samg10284882 question..?? does anyone else have a problem looking at hrc or huma after watching the youtube video from karli ?? seems unreal ,,, smh
2018-10-19 23:58:01

@tujv @pixelmusement blame it on the youtube outage :)
2018-10-19 23:53:17

@DavidTVF cool, got a $10 app store credit from the youtube outage. didn’t really bother me since i went to sleep. nice deal.
2018-10-19 22:55:03

@TMHuskYT @gamingwithken_ for me im having youtube notifications problems
2018-10-19 21:35:25

@richmagahiz @glhancock @youtube were you knocked out by the outage they had this week? #scifichat #youtube
2018-10-19 20:19:37

@MissG015 is @youtube not working again??
2018-10-19 20:06:23

@PeteWMiddleton @youtube you have a major fake news problem on your site. i’m getting promoted videos from #altright accounts. #fixit
2018-10-19 18:45:03

@ltdave82 @deusdaecon4 @youtube i want to watch but it’s not working
2018-10-19 18:02:44

@xSAVAGExxx is anyone else having problems with youtube today?
2018-10-19 17:28:43

@aswegan_alexis i am also writing about the worldwide @youtube outage so if you want to comment your thoughts i will be highly greatful!
2018-10-19 17:06:18

@Lasse_Wolf @teamyoutube im having some problems with youtube red at the moment.
2018-10-19 17:06:03

@fraudelentacts anyone else having issue with the @joebuddenpod on youtube
2018-10-19 17:01:46

@Inor32 @teamyoutube hey! i'm having problems with my youtube red
2018-10-19 16:30:59

@momofasha @gcu help the 9am graduation youtube live stream is not working..
2018-10-19 16:06:57

@Kobold_princess @teamyoutube i’m having problems with youtube as of lately
2018-10-19 14:45:33

@BibleBacon strange youtube outage: the world claims they're so reliant on youtube but what about godtube??
2018-10-19 13:35:11

@terryleebolton @teamyoutube hi youtube this issue is still not resolved
2018-10-19 13:30:41

@JabJabezEEE @sunpictures @actor_vijay my youtube likes, comments and views are not working
2018-10-19 13:13:09

@ngutking @teamyoutube hey i purchased youtube red but there seems to be a problem.
2018-10-19 12:12:51

@viral_let @bispennn @teamyoutube sorry for that but youtube is currently having some problem
2018-10-19 11:59:27

@ohitsneyyen purbida! is it bcos of my internet or youtube is not really working. ka annoying
2018-10-19 10:27:16

@creepvscvlar @teamyoutube youtube app for ps4 not working.
2018-10-19 09:56:06

@MitchGames247 anyone else been having youtube notification issues? starting streams with usually 250 viewers now getting like 50-100?
2018-10-19 08:14:07

@Jtran028 i’m about to double down on my passion to building my personal brand on youtube and instagram. i hope y’all love internet jeffy.
2018-10-19 06:58:58

@uskadam @teamyoutube youtube not working today 19th oct 2018 11:45 ist
2018-10-19 06:24:27

@YasminHusain15 @teamyoutube there seems to be a problem with my youtube red subscription, can you guys help me out?
2018-10-19 06:11:09

@LogCruthers @teamyoutube youtube is not working fix it please. unable to watch videos
2018-10-19 04:32:47

@LogCruthers @youtube please fix youtube as soon as possible it is not working fix it soon please
2018-10-19 04:31:52

@cinemaguy1 i survived the youtube outage of 2018.
2018-10-19 04:14:16
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