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 Ten years ago people observed how the new free-to-play model stimulated the exponential growth of the game industry, attracting the far bigger number of gamers, in difference from traditional the pay-to-play models. Yumerium represents new model: "play-earn" model. She will give the further growth of the game industry. This model stimulates players to play, giving them coins.
They can be spent as the real money. This new model will also solve some problems inherent in the existing models, by adoption of technology a blockchain and smart contracts which will release gamers and developers of games from
distributions of the centralized platforms. It is considered that it is the historical moment for gamers and developers of games. 

 Now a new game under the name "CryptoMine" which will become the first game with use of Yumerium by means of which the system will be tested as the platform is developed.
It is planned to start third-party support of games by the end of 2018. Also it is planned to start the limited copies and the decentralized crowd funding in 2019 after creation of considerable community with enough games and base of gamers. Developers of games are also interested in purchase of Yumerium for the

The large game companies spend big percent of the budget for marketing, sometimes to a half of all expenses on development. It does marketing difficult for the small companies, leaving them out of competition, especially if to consider that
marketing influences sales of games 3 times bigger, than, for example, reviews of games.
Yumerium creates a cheap alternative which doesn't exist in the market now. Providing to developers tools for start of the own decentralized prize-winning campaign, the system will help developers to reduce the marketing expenses and to use them
on development of a game. 

 The technology a blockchain, perhaps, is the most fascinating technological break since the Internet. Smart contracts open a new era of games, giving to players the chance to play and win cryptocurrencies. Game coins can be used for purchase of games, objects in a game etc. It will make gamers busier and will bring more pleasure from play experience.

Gamers like to play, especially when win some prizes for the game. Cryptocurrencies and a blockchain - smart contracts make an awarding the prizes easier, than ever. 

 Earlier collecting video games was possible only with physical carriers because of simplicity of piracy digital copies.
By authentication of the digital copy of a game from a blockchain, in the games Yumerium it is possible to create limited circulation. It will allow players to look for and collect unique and poor copies of the favourite games to show them to the world.
Collectors will be able to sell the copies or to trade with other collectors, creating
the market of resale of digital copies which never existed earlier for digital products.
YUM will work with popular game cursors, since Unity and finishing
Unreal, and also and others at the request of the publisher. 

 Yumerium seeks to enter model of limited digital copies of games by authentication of property on the basis of the copy from YUM blockchain. As possession of copies registers in the decentralized network, any shop connected to Yumerium can sell limited circulations. Thus, developers can create the own websites with YUMERIUM SDK for connection to a blockchain and sale of these copies.
Limited circulations are very similar to usual editions of a game. However they include additional functions, whether it be a confidential ending or cosmetic objects. It is very similar to how today's limited editions work.
If the owner of the copy of limited release doesn't undergo authentication at
connection to a blockchain, by means of Yumerium special functions will be are blocked. For this reason, Yumerium SDK it will be necessary for check of authenticity.
Users will be able to prove existence of the license by reduction of her copy with the closed key or by means of the linked account.

YUM is also used on the website Collection showcase. It is the website which users can use for demonstration of the games entering their collection. This website is connected to a blockchain of Yumerium and shows limited copies certain users to the public address. 

 Yumerium opens the huge potential both for gamers, and for developers of games. This platform introduces absolutely new opportunities which will be favorable and pleasant for each user in the industry of video games. Using the latest technologies in the basis, YUM safely advances the candidate in the world market, leaving happy thousands of clients. Earn houses, playing games, or advance the project without expenditure of the huge sums for marketing, but with the best result if you — the developer. Yumerium won't disappoint anybody. 


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