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Where would he go? Where would his story take him?
Victor was very confused, scared, anxious. Having recently been injured and out of work what was he to do? Tormented night after night, Victor got very little sleep. This did not help his plight. His disability payments would end soon, and he would have to find work within his newfound disability.

Rage, anger, and defeat were often feelings Victor felt during the days, when he should be productive.

Victor was injured at work, tore a ligament in his leg, and would not be able to return to his job. Plus they were jerking him around, not approving treatments, and dragging everything out. So he had to learn to move beyond his feelings and figure out what to do with his life.

He considered going back to school but kept remembering how hard it was for him to learn new things. Can’t teach dogs new tricks, right? Victor thought about leveraging some of his hobbies into some money-making schemes. Woodworking? Handyman? Underwater Basket weaving?

Fuck, none of this was for Victor. He prided himself on his job. He prided himself on his wealth. Victor was all out of Pride…

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This is a great story. Unfortunately it is too long to be included in the zapfic contest (max 240 characters NOT words). I hope you'll try again!

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eh it was cathartic anyways. Kinda basic, but put a bit of the situation i am in with work right now into it. Super frustrating working in public service, and being chewed up and spit out because of a work-related injury. Spent my life serving others and no one to catch me when I fall due to that.