LISK RELAUNCH: A whole new look and feel.

3년 전


The Lisk relaunch went smoothly, boasting a new look and a long term plan. It boasts more accessibility.
The relaunch happened at Berlin's Westhafen Event and Convention Center on Tuesday, February 20th.

Rebranding normally involves a change in design but Max Kordek, Lisk's co-founder and CEO had accessibility in mind.

The startup rolled out a new front-end design on Tuesday,along with a new wallet and dashboard. The idea was to improve accessibility on a different scale where users who may be less familiar with using the coin's tools associated with cryptocurrency management would be able to navigate around and within them.



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It will be interesting to follow LISK.
Do you think it will overtake Ethereum one day?


Depends on if they are doing what they say they are doing.

I feel Ripple and STEEM can go a long way. Lisk has potential. I would put BTC, LTC, XRP and STEEM among the top 10 a year from now.

Do you trade crypto on Binance?


I haven't used binance, though I know it's really popular.
I ended up being fed up with centralized exchanges because of KYC, big fees and withdrawal restirctions so now I only use bitshares and shapeshift.

Unfortunately I still need an exchange for fiat stuff, so I've been using bitpanda. It's fine but has big fees like everywhere else, so I really hope the openledger fiat gateway will open again soon, it's been down for so long.