Many Are GIFTED but few have 'opened' their gifts..

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Any day, I'll choose hard work over talent.

It is important to note that every notable figure in world history, mastered the art of converting their available talents, skill and abilities into money-spinning ventures; through the creation of utility. These men had and still make use of the same 24hours that all humans have.

What then is the difference?
Commitment, consistency and die-hard faith. The story of Thomas Edison, he failed innumerably at his bulb exeriments, until he struck gold. Without doubt, he surely had an inclination towards electricity(which can be regarded as a gift), however, his determination and unwavering faith in himself, helped him hone his gift and crest his name in the annals of history.

Sometimes, all we need to succeed and make impact in our society, is a little more time by ourselves -with the intent of unearthing what has been deposited on the inside of us.

Mark Zuckerburg, typifies a 21st-century man who(as a result of his natural inclination), thought it possible to unify the world through a global system of digital communication. Facebook changed the tide of communication and encouraged the birthing of several similar platforms. One man's idea became a catalyst in the world of technology...

THINK ON THIS: How would my idea impact the world positively and how do I go about it?..This is indeed the first step, then get to it!

Nb: To be more is to do more

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Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.


I reckon bro!