Missing 411: Dealing with "The unknown"

29일 전

Hi Steemians

A lot of things are going on on our planet lately and many things are not seen by many people. For several reason like governments cover ups or people not interested. This is one of the things I found lately and is really shocking. Well if you believe in paranormal activities or UFOs it might be less shocking. But if you are in USA and love camping nowhere in the forests, you might think twice about it in the future. The nation's forests are wild and beautiful, but also deadly.

So what I am talking about is "Missing 411". I dont know if you heard about it before or not. They are series of books written by David Paulides who was a former police detective and is now an investigator and well known writer. If you watch the movie, there are very interesting interviews with eyewitnesses and family members of the missing persons. It is about children, adults and the elderly who disappeared, sometimes in the presence of friends or family members. The hardest part is the most of them never came back, never been found. And even their begs, guns or clothes never been found.

If you like the paranormal this movie is for you. With all these disappearances in national parks which are unclear, but everyone knows who is doing that and that the government is hiding the truth. The author never gives any explanation, but the people do. They understood the pattern and what is taking those victims. It is really crazy, but it is real and still happening. I wont be a spoiler, so I will let you discover the rest by yourself :D


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