Where Are You My Dear Friends

2년 전

I think this is one of the hardest times of our planet. Whatever I was watching in movies some years ago is happening right now. Most people would wish to wake up and find it just a bad nightmare. I don't know what is happening in your country, but we are locked in our homes and most people aren't aware of how serious this virus is. I feel very sad about what is happening in China, Italy, and Spain, but try to be positive. Now I started realizing how short life can be and easy it is to make Billions of people panic on this planet.

All we need to do is be safe, positive and fight the fear. The virus isnt the only killer, but fear. It is a biological weapon to reduce the population and we dont know what comes next. At least this is my opinion, but I am open to any idea and would like to hear your opinions. Let me know where you are and what you are doing these days. Love and peace :)

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Good here so far... Be well my friend...

I'm over in https://hive.blog .....Join us....


Thank you, well check that out :)

Just trying to make sure we have some food as people keep bulk buying it's ridiculous.


Yes it is. Get whatever you need and stay safe at home.

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