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My opinion its just another shitcoin that should have never been so heavily invested in. I dont feel like it should effect other major players.


I must agree with bitcoinflood I have been in the crypto game for some time now. It is not a concrete coin with a real purpose plus the team isn't as transparent as what I like when looking for a good coin. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft pole. Hey follow me and 'Ill do the same. I put out very similar content. Lets grown the steemit community!! I'm also going to follow you Mr. Bitcoinflood :) Peace out


I hope you are right @bitcoinflood . My pause when the article talked about how it could topple exchanges. That would cause tons of losses. I think in the end there is no stopping crypto but I don't want blockchain to lose momentum over speculation.


Speculation, fake news, FUD its gonna happen. I like to think of the crypto market like I think of Mr. Charles Darwin. Who came up with "Darwinism" it is an evolution theory describing the ways of natural selection. Survival of the fittest will play a huge role in the coming markets. The coins who have a purpose not just an idea and a platform that is concrete as well as transparent will stand tall with all ups and downs. The weak will soon start to fall, that is why it is imperative to do diligence and sift throw the bull shit. Be able to determine a good project from a scam.

I never used it and never will. Lots of fud trying to doom btc. BTC will kaboooom soon. Hodl


With the current market everyone needs to HODL!! However, it does give us people who know what to look for a great buying opportunity.A lot of people got in at Christmas when prices had skyrocketed now everyone's in the red so they are selling before they "loose it all".....well that's one strategy. See I like money so I'm personally going to HODL and purchase more coins. SALE SALE SALE 15-30% OFF

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