Buy a Pornhub or Brazzers membership completely anonymously with ZenCash

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Now that Pornhub and Brazzers accept cryptocurrencies, it is possible to buy a membership without using a credit card.
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The first question you might ask is why even pay for this? This is what you get from Brazzers.
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13,000 full DVD's??? That's a lot of porn! YouPornPremium, RedTubePremium, and PornHubPremium is included as part of the deal. BrazzersPremium can be added on when signing up for PornHub membership.
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It can be purchased completely anonymously if you use ZenCash. It can be purchased by people who are unbanked. There are many ways to do this. Here is one way.

  1. Get an anonymous email account. Protonmail is good for that. Maybe pick a common name some numbers after it from a country that you don't live in to be a little deceptive - or just make it unreadable.
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  2. Create a username at Pornhub with your new anonymous email address.
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  3. Get some ZenCash (or other cryptocurrency accepted by Pornhub), and go to the Pornhub crypto signup page. Information below on how to get ZenCash.
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  4. Right now it says Pornhub accepts Verge. Click on that link, it will take you through to where you can use your ZenCash. Since you are already a member, select Login.
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  5. This takes you to the login screen, and after you login you can pay with ZenCash for your membership.
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  6. Send the ZenCash from your wallet. If you don't care as much about being anonymous, send it from your mobile wallet like Coinomi or send it as a withdrawal from an exchange, making sure to take into account the exchange withdrawal fee.
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ZenCash is available on Binance, Bittrex, OKex, and OpenLedger.

  1. If you want to be completely anonymous, withdraw your ZenCash to a full wallet like the ZenCash swing wallet. Send some of your ZEN to a shielded address. Send a little bit more than you need to pay for your subscription. This is where the anonymous part comes in. The ZenCash Swing Wallet is available on Github for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you just use regular transparent ZenCash addresses they are not anonymous! They are like Bitcoin or most cryptocurrency addresses and can be tracked. Think about not just now, but a few years into the future when blockchain tracking technology is more mainstream.

Here is a good set of blog and video guides from VoskCoin on how to buy ZenCash on an exchange and transfer it to your swing wallet. How To Buy ZenCash and Transfer To Swing Wallet – Videos
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  1. Send the exact amount of ZEN from your shielded address on your Swing wallet to the payment application on Pornhub that you need for your subscription. It may take 30-60 seconds for your computer to generate the shielded transaction. Depending on the number of block confirmations their payment processor requires, it may take anywhere from 10 minutes to 4 hours for the payment to be fully accepted.

  2. During the process they will send emails to your protonmail account. You will need to click on links to activate the features.

  3. You may want to consider installing and using a VPN service on your computer like Private Internet Access so your local router and Internet Service Provider can't track your activity either.
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This is a definite use case for a truly anonymous cryptocurrency like ZenCash. Welcome to privacy!
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ZEN address for contributions:
transparent - znSFcDNVuoxVqrw5Ho8ny7SPLy7wJ92HAM9
shielded - zcUo1Xkye6zhATDTCLE5JontRmDmMz5DotMEekSVgV9vQDQPE6eKe3NyWKvSafEKTFRhY3UbwBZiRMHHdn5Bk9TkvYcSa4j

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