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The last decade of the last century, laid the foundations for a world that is becoming more and more connected and pervasive. However, we pay a high price for all the realism of the network: our data. The internet has expanded the reach of the world around us, but it has also challenged our privacy. But not everything is lost. Blockchain technology it can be an alternative to limit violations of citizens' rights.

Every day, we see more and more blockchain adoption and increasing use of cryptocurrencies. The advantages of recording information can be verified and monitored by a decentralized community, making the technology a turning point in user privacy.

The growing reliance on social media and the instant gratification of the internet has led people to increasingly despise where to get their information.


The privacy provided by most of the communication services we use, such as Facebook, Telegram, and even WhatsApp, rely on centralized components to function - for example, cloud services and internet provider.
Because of the need to expand communication, WhatsApp emerged as an application that was far ahead of its time. After the invention of WhatsApp, other applications like WeChat began to emerge in Asian markets. As a result, these powerful agents have the ability to not only collect conversation data on an industrial scale. but also can completely turn off the communication systems at will.

The problems faced by the Turkish press are a good illustration of the arbitrary cases against privacy. During the first half of that year, the government blocked access to the email provider ProtonMail, in order to censor the flow of information in and out of the country.

The platform offers end-to-end encryption, making it impossible for companies to mathematically check user information. In addition, outgoing e-mails are automatically destroyed upon receipt. Applications built from blockchain technology solve the problem, as they have censorship capabilities; this will limit the ability of the government to ban crypto platforms.


Zero Avocado develops an ecosystem of networks and privacy protection solutions for users with the most complete "security and privacy ecosystem". Zero Avocado is developing the Avoozer smartphone that acts as a key in the encrypted network of services and solutions. The Zercados token will be used to reward developers who build applications on the ecosystem and pay for the services and products of users in the Zercados ecosystem.

Zercados tokens are used as internal reward system for developers and others involved in Zero Avocado privacy and security ecosystem, 40% of Zero Avocados Ltd's pre-tax profits annually will be used to redeem Zercados tokens on the open market. This combined with the token being used as the preferred method of payment for services, upgrades, devices and more by users in the ecosystem ensures real usage and operation of the government itself. that token.
The Zercados token will also be the only crypto payment accepted within the ecosystem itself. It doesn't matter if this is for the actual purchase of an Avoozer smartphone, paying to upgrade to encryption, cloud storage or to purchase apps or other services in the ecosystem.
This means that the Zercados token has a natural function for end-users in a single market while at the same time providing system developers with future profits from their work.

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