Zercados ~ token that focuses on developing networks and solutions that protects privacy for its users a complete



Hello everyone, meet me again Vechainz..
this time I want to give important information about a unique project called ZERACARDOS. I believe that a project like this will attract huge market investment!
YES,, As you know before, my reviews are always based on good and great projects that will benefit every investor and community member. This is another great project that is different from every other project of its kind. I know you must be wondering and asking yourself right now which project caught my eye, which project really deserves this great review. Now sit down and read the entire writing line by line.
Before I go into the full details of this project, I would like to give a simple information about the backbone of this project which is Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a ledger where all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded and stored. ,Transactions have recorded improvements over the years through the introduction of blockchain technology in various sectors. Part of the benefits of blockchain technology include; Improved Security System, Improved Efficiency, etc


About Zercados
Zercados is a type of digital currency that functions as a (maximum level security network) and also offers a solution you need. One of them is a complete “privacy and security ecosystem”. The flagship development is the Avoozer smartphone which acts as a network key for encrypted services and solutions. it aims to make most users feel comfortable about their assets and ensure the welfare of investors who invest in them. on the other hand the purpose of this coin being created as a basic foundation such as a transaction tool for consumers and customers in running their business. Because the Zercados token can be used easily by anyone including new users it will not be difficult to understand how this token works. some other structures have been proven to be safe and can be a new alternative that this project is completely legal and can guarantee the safety of investors’ money from every side. and after I researched further, I can conclude about this Zercados project or token combined with the token used as a procedure that has strong support from local authorities for organizational parts, improvements, tools, and according to the needs of its users. This is one great project that I think is worth your investment.


Vission and Mission Zercados
I hope you can understand what I have said above, on the one hand I personally also strongly believe that the Zercados Token is one of the great projects among other projects. what has been presented from the project team & developer can give you a guarantee not only of security but also can change your lifestyle for the better if you invest in it. the zercados project will be a fair, legitimate and profitable part of crypto. not only that, there are several other things about this project, such as being recognized by several countries and having an official PDA Avoozer certificate. for me personally its one of the project which can give you a lot of benefits, maximum security, good profit and even the team & developer are also planning to list this project on some top exchanges in the near future! Stay tuned for the latest information from us and don’t hesitate to ask us!. this is a golden opportunity for you, before it’s too late to invest in this project bro!


Total Zercados tokens: 1 000 000 000.
Total pre-sale and ICO: 500 000 000.
Total system developer tokens and marketing rewards: 400,000 000.
Total initial setup, marketing and liquidity tokens: 100 000 000.
Minimum repurchase per year by Zero Avocado Ltd: 40% of profit before tax.


Q4 2020:
Idea concept stage
Select the OS for the new smartphone other than iOS and Android.
Customize the selected OS for the smart phone.

Q2 2021
Set up and configure the AvoVPN ecosystem network to support Avoozer smartphones.
Launch the AvoVPN ecosystem website.
Final testing of the Avoozer KV Beta smartphone.
Final testing and launch of the secure communications app for Avoozer smartphones.
Start marketing Avoozer KV Beta Smartphone software to specific groups and organizations.
Start development of social media system based on Lemozer Matrix
Launch the Lemozer . website
Shipping starts from the limited edition of the Avoozer KV Beta Smartphone.

Q3 2021:
Start development of reward and payment system, Zercados Token
Set up the Zercados website
Launch the GpsSpoof app on the Avoozer KV Beta smartphone.
Start development of TOR based anonymous file sharing app for Avoozer.
Create Zercados Token on Binance Smart Chain
Develop white paper for Zercados Token
Beginning of development of anonymous SIM/SMS verification service
Lemozer “user-hosted” Matrix server beta testing.
Hardware testing for the next Avoozer smartphone model, the KV1.
Pre ICO soft sale of Zercados Token.
The ICO of the Zercados Token begins.

Q4 2021:
Start development of E-SIM system for Avoozer smartphones
Launch a dedicated wallet for Zercados on Avoozer smartphones.
Integrate the Zercados token as a payment solution for all Zero Avocado products and developments.
Launch an anonymous SIM/SMS verification service (TBN).
Launch app store version 2 for Avoozer smartphones
Launched Lemozer Matrix based social media service integrating 25 million+ current users
Launch the Lemozer app for Avoozer smartphones
Launch the Lemozer app for Android phones
Add Zercados to swap PancakeSwap

Q1 2022:
The launch of the Avoozer KV1 smartphone, the second model in this series.
AvoVPN ecosystem expansion with IP locations in 30+ countries
Development starts from “Activist application” (TBN), WiFi mesh communication.
Launch of secure & encrypted cloud storage for Avoozer users in the AvoVPN ecosystem.
Initial sale of Lemozer’s “self-hosted” matrix-based servers
Add more exchange for Zercados Token
Start hardware testing for the next generation Avoozer smartphone, KV2

Q2 2022
Start development of low-cost “disposable” Avoozer Smartphone.
Launch a secure encrypted email service in the AvoVPN ecosystem
Start DEX development for cryptocurrency in AvoVPN ecosystem
The first buyback of Zercados by Zero Avocado Ltd is equivalent to 40% of the profit before tax

for more information about zercados
WEBSITE : http://www.zercados.com/
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/zercados
INSTAGRAM : https://instagram.com/zercados
WHITE PAPER : https://www.zercados.com/?page_id=639
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/Zercados_token
DISCORD : https://discord.gg/bU7McvduAv
REDDIT : https://www.reddit.com/r/Zercados_Token/
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/zercados

Forum Username: Vechainz
Forum Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2437174
Telegram Username: @Vechainz
BEP_20 Wallet Address: 0xCdda37Ded29536dEFC3Ba14c15fFDdffF64FaF4f

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