Zippo Butane Conversion Insert

2년 전


Hey guys! I recently stumbled across this cool product for Zippo lighter guys like myself.


It's a butane dual torch insert to replace your factory insert.

You simply remove the original insert (like when adding fuel) and slide in the new and improved one.



And just like that, you now have a badass Zippo Hybrid!

I highly recommend this product and if you want to see why, just click the video below. I posted the fullreview on my YouTube channel.

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I love Zippos.. but I gave mine up when I quit smoking cigarettes.. looks pretty cool tho


Ah heck, I quit also! May 10 will make 9 years clean for me. I smoked Marlboro Reds for 23 years! I haven't had any tobacco or nicotine since, unless you wanna count the cigar I smoked the other day, but I'm not.

What's your story? How long did you smoke and what? And how long have you been quit? Did you go cold Turkey?


I smoked for about 30 years. I quit 2 years ago with help of a vape pen which I still use

Both sound pretty slick...but the Zippo is a little deeper, I think...Was that your (instrumental) guitar playing in the background?

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My son is obsessed with his new Zippo. Hopefully, he will tire of the constant need to refill his Zippo, and graduate to this device.